Five Causes to the Tongue of Every Vaper


Tongue can feel five sensations: sweet, sour, salt, bitter and spicy. But given that you are not able to taste e juice any more when puffing an e-cigarette, what can you do? Is there anything wrong with your tongue? We will explain the causes to the tongue of vaper and how to cure it.

When refer to vaper’s tongue or vapor’s fatigue, actually there this no problem with your tongue. It has more relations with your sense of smell.

The vaper’s tongue can happen in unpredictable situation. Experienced e cigarette users may never experience it, while new vapers will suffer flavor fatigue.

The followings are 5 causes of vaper’s tongue.

1. Quit smoking – new e smokers who quit smoking recently may notice that your sense of taste is not returning. This will happen as you switch to nonsmokers.
Solution: If your sense taste can not return for several weeks, please see the doctor.

2. Dehydration – if moisture in your mouth is drawn out by e cigarette vapor, it will cause your mouse dry out and block the taste of flavors.
Solution: Drink more water before vaping.

3. The same flavor – if you have a favorite flavor and vape it every day, it will desensitize your taste and the flavor is getting weaker.
Solution: Try to switch to new flavor or flavor rotation.

4. Sick – if you catch cold or feel sick, you will lost your sense of smell and taste.
Solution: Got to hospital and take pills.

5. Random reasons – Your vaper’s tongue happens for none of reasons in the above.
Solution: Go to hospital for remedies.

There are also some tips for you to get rid of vapor’s tongue:
1. Clean your teeth and mouth
2. Strong flavors can wake up your sense of taste.
3. E liquid flavor rotation



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