Five Differences Between EGripⅡ and the NEW EVic AIO



Have you checked out the latest device by Joyetech eVic AIO, you might be wondering what makes it different from the eGrip II. Well, both are All-in-One devices that look pretty similar, but they are not! eVic AIO is a slightly upgraded version of the eGrip Ⅱ, so let’s compare them both to help you make the right choice!

eVic AIO (26mmx48mmx105mm) is slightly bigger than the eGrip Ⅱ (24mmx45mmx95mm). It has a leather appearance (only available in two colors; black and silver at the moment), while eGrip II is made of stainless steel, and has five different colors to choose from: white, silver, black, red and gold. The OLED is also slightly bigger in the new eVic AIO, although the navigation system remains identical.
The regulatory buttons and the charging port sit at the side in eGrip Ⅱ, while in the eVic AIO, the + and – buttons are located at the bottom of the mod, and the USB interface is in the front.


2. Detachable vs non-detachable
What really makes eGrip II different from eVic AIO, is the detachable tank  with 3.5 ml capacity. This feature makes eVic AIO much easier to  clean. Simply remove the magnet door cover. While eGripⅡ has a built-in tank  and battery, which are non-detachable when replacing.
TIP: When you clean the tank, be careful not getting the water into the  charge port!
3.Internal vs external battery
eGrip II is powered by a 5000 mAh internal battery while eVic AIO now has an interchangeable 18,650 battery (not included in the kit). eGrip Ⅱ has a bigger output wattage of 80W, whereas the eVic AIO has 75W.


4.Enlarged chimney
Both devices share a leak proof tank system with upside down coils.
However, the chimney was significantly enlarged in eVic AIO as you can see in this picture.


5.Different top airflow system
eGrip II features a covered airflow, while eVic AIO has an open top
 airflow with small holes.

However, not everything is different! Joyetech was smart enough to keep some great features we all enjoyed about their All-in-One devices the same, including; 510 atomizer adapter to pop in any tank you want to, clock display, same TC modes (Ti, Ni, SS, TCR), lock system and compatible coils (0.25 ohm,0.5 ohm, 1.5ohm) which can generate great flavors.
We hope you found this information useful. Now, which one is for you? Let us know your choice and keep on vaping!

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