Building My Own Coils With GeekVape Master Kit V2 and New Wires



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I received the new 521 Master Kit V2 and some wire from GeekVape and I was asked to share my experience using these products. First, let me tell you that I’m not a “builder”. I know how to build coils and understand ohm law and such, but I prefer to buy premade coils because I don’t really enjoy the building part. Usually if I do build, it is a simple kanthal wire build. I love those exotic or fancy builds so I usually buy the premade claptons, juggernauts etc.

GeekVape Master KitGeekVape offers both premade fancy coils and premade wire for making your own crazy coils to your specifications. Along with the 521 Master Kit V2 you have almost everything you need to start building. The 521 Kit contains the 521 tab mini, 6 screwdrivers that double up as coiling rods, ceramic tweezers, elbow tip nipper pliers, wire cutter, and scissors all in a canvas zippered case to keep everything together nice and neat.

My first try at building using the 521 Kit and the Stainless Steel Juggernaut wire turned out pretty good. At first I tried using the 3mm screwdriver in the kit to build my coils, but I have to be honest and say that building coils by wrapping them around a screw driver is not for me. I had the worse time trying to do it that way. I’m used to using a coiling jig so I got it out and after that I had a great coil wrapped in just a few minutes.


The wire cutters and other tools are of great quality and having them all together organized into one kit made it a lot easier than trying to find all my individual tools I have around my desk. The ohm meter worked flawlessly and having it to build on and to test and fire my coils on is such a time saver. I tested the 0.3 ohm dual juggernaut coil build I did on the Beast DNA 75 and got the same ohm reading as the 521 tab.

The Juggernaut wire and both of the other two types of wire I tried from GeekVape are both excellent quality. I have tried lots of different wires and premade coils and you really can tell the difference in good and poor quality wire. Especially when you get into the premade exotic wires because poor quality premade wire will have broken and bent wires and such is a nightmare when you go to build with it or fire it. The wires from GeekVape were perfect and I can just tell it’s quality wire. Using it to build with was easy since it didn’t have any imperfections and it wrapped easily around the coiling rods.



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