Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019 I Top 6 Mesh Coil Tanks You Can Buy Now

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

Want to say goodbye to flat flavor? Want to own a sub-ohm tank with coils that don’t burn out so quickly? Then you may need a mesh coil tank because mesh coil tanks are much better than standard sub ohm tanks when it comes to flavor and the longevity of the coils.

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019
Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

So what are mesh coil tanks?  

Briefly speaking, the mesh coil tanks are a series of vape tanks that employ a specialized mesh coil for a wider surface area for better flavor and optimal vapor production.

But what are the best mesh coil tanks right now?

As the leading vape product supplier across the world, Heaven Gifts always pays the utmost attention to the satisfaction of our customers and hopes they are informed about what they want. That’s the reason why we’ve spent so much time and energy creating this list of the best mesh coil tank 2019. All the mesh coil tanks listed on this page have already been tested by our trained and experienced staff to make sure they are top-notch devices.

Without further ado, here comes our list of best mesh coil tanks.

Best Mesh Coil Tank- 1. VOOPOO Maat Mesh Sub-ohm Tank 

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019
Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

The Maat Mesh Coil Tank is the latest sub-ohm tank from the well-known vape manufacturer VOOPOO.

With a simplistic, kind of futuristic look, this vape tank features a new Plug-N-Reload design, making it super simple for coil installation.

This sub-ohm tank has a semi-faded juice storage design to ensure you have a healthy and safe vape with no coil burn-outs and its triple air holes bring smooth and ample air for the direct-to-lung vape.

Furthermore, the vape tank also comes with an MT-M1 0.13ohm Single Mesh Coil (best at 60W-85W) and an MT-M2 0.2ohm Dual Mesh Coil (best at 50W-80W) for better flavor experience and smooth big clouds.

Also, the TPD version of the sub-ohm tank also has a child lock too, to keep those naughty little fingers at bay.

All-in-all, this tank is a nice addition to any vaper’s collection.

VOOPOO Maat Sub-ohm Tank Pros & Cons 


  • It’s working awesome
  • Love the PNP design, convenient to reload the coils
  • Coil doesn’t burn too easily
  • Simple to clean up
  • Brings a smooth and rich flavor
  • Massive cloud production
  • Very durable and well-built
  • Beautiful looks


  •  The only downside is the price.

Best Mesh Coil Tank – 2. Horizon Falcon King Mesh Sub-ohm Tank

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019
Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

The Horizon FALCON KING Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is a new member of Falcon series.

Measuring 25.4mm in base diameter, this mesh coil tank maintains a high-level of craftsmanship with durable Stainless Steel material with a resin drip tip. Besides, the sub-ohm tank comes with a bulb glass which is capable of holding 6ml of e-juice.

The vape tank adopts the same Falcon Coil System as the previous Falcon series and introduces a 0.38ohm M-Dual Mesh Core rated a for 80W and 0.16ohm M1+ Mesh Core rated for 75W with bamboo fibers and organic cotton for optimal flavor and cloud production.

The best sub ohm mesh tank I’ve used so far. Really full flavor and the bamboo fiber coils are crazy good.

Horizon Falcon King Mesh Sub-ohm Tank Pros & Cons


  • Amazing flavor
  • Awesome top fill mechanism
  • Great bamboo fiber coils
  • Large capacity
  • Love the button-opening slide top
  • No leaks
  • Well-made
  • Really good clouds
  • Smoooooooth airflow


  • High liquid consumption

Best Mesh Coil Tank – 3. UWELL Crown 4 IV Mesh Sub-ohm Tank

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019
Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

As the latest sub-ohm vape tank from the UWELL, the Crown 4 IV introduces a new line of Crown coils, a threaded top-fill system, and a striking visual design.

The mesh coil tank adopts the self-cleaning technology within the atomizer core to lessen the need to clean the detachable structure of the tank.

Besides, for faster refilling, the vape tank employs a simplified quarter-turn threaded top fill system.

Furthermore, the sub-ohm tank comes with a 0.4ohm Dual SS904L Coil rated for 60-70W and a 0.2ohm Dual SS904L Coil rated for 70-80W for optimal flavor and massive cloud production.

Love the look of the Crown 4 with mesh coils. The flavor is outstanding!

UWELL Crown 4 IV Sub-ohm Tank Pros & Cons 


  • Outstanding flavor
  • Love the cloud production
  • Love the smooth draw
  • No leaks
  • Easy to replace coils
  • The coil lasts a very long time
  • Very beautiful and well made
  • Don’t drink juice
  • Withstand drops better than any other tank


  • You need to put more watts into them than it says on the coil.

Best Mesh Coil Tank – 4. CoilART LUX Mesh Tank

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019
Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

The LUX Mesh Tank is a stylish vape tank from the famous vape manufacturer CoilART.

Measuring 24mm x 50mm, this exquisite faux-marble resin mesh coil tank is capable of holding 5.5ml of e-juice.

Besides, this vape tank employs a 0.15ohm mesh M1 coil (pre-installed, best at 60-80W), and an extra 0.15ohm Mesh M4 Coil (best at 100-120W), for more vapor and better flavor.

Furthermore, the sub-ohm tank also features the adjustable bottom airflow system and easy top refilling design for optimal flavor and convenient operation.

I’ve been through a few of the most popular tanks but this one is on another level as far as flavor and coils last long. Also very beautiful and well made.

CoilART LUX Mesh Tank Pros & Cons 


  • Top filling design for easy refilling
  • The coils last very long
  • Great taste
  • This tank is strong enough
  • Portable to use
  • Massive cloud production
  • Airflow is very easy to control
  • Very beautiful


  • Drink the liquid

Best Mesh Coil Tank – 5. Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-ohm Tank

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019
Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

As a continuation of FreeMax‘s impressive Sub-Ohm line-up, the FireLuke Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank adopts new mesh wires to create a longer-lasting coil while provides vapers with a flavor-focused experience.

Measuring 24mm in diameter, this vape tank can hold up to 3ml of e-liquids, accessed via a threaded top-fill section to expose two large fill ports. Besides, the mesh coil tank comes with a pair of 0.15ohm Mesh Coils rated for 40 to 90W.

Airflow enters the vape tank via two large air slots at the base of the chassis, which can provide excellent cooling properties.

One of the best mesh coil tanks I have. The flavor is intense, the clouds are decent, not as thick as a Clapton coil but plenty thick enough.

Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-ohm Tank Pros & Cons


  • Great coils
  • Fantastic flavor
  • Decent clouds
  • It never ever leaks!
  • No spitting
  • Airflow is insane
  • Easy to fill
  • Wonderful price


  • The only bad thing I can think of is the tank capacity of 3 ml.

Best Mesh Coil Tank – 6. Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm Tank

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019
Best Mesh Coil Tank 2019

As the ultimate edition of the FireLuke series, the FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank introduces a new multi-mesh coil system.

Measuring 25mm in diameter, the new mesh tank adopts an easy push to open top fill and is capable of holding up to 6ml e-juice. Its new multi-mesh coil system features more surface area for a consistent vaping experience.

Besides, this sub-ohm tank comes with massive dual slotted bottom adjustable air flows measuring in at 16mm by 4mm each to allow for ample air into the chamber to produce maximum flavor and clouds.

Excellent quality tank with great capacity. One of the best mesh coil tanks you can buy in my opinion.

Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm Tank Pros & Cons 


  • Great capacity
  • Nice looking
  • Great choice of colors
  • Solid build
  • Nice clouds and flavor
  • Excellent choice of mesh coils
  • Don’t have any problems with leaking
  • The coil lasts
  • Affordable price


  • Really loud with big hits or closed airflow


Thank you for reading through our list of the best mesh coil tank 2019. We would be very happy if this list can help you find the sub-ohm tanks that work best for you. Since there are hundreds of vape brands available on the market, we cannot try them all, so our list may miss some quality tanks. If you have used great mesh coil tanks, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let us know and we’ll update this list very soon. Thanks again!



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