Best Nic Salt Juice 2019 | Top 8 Nic Salt E-liquids You Can’t Afford to Miss

Best Nic Salt Juice 2019

Best Nic Salt Juice 2019

Nic Salt Juice are becoming so popular amongst vapers worldwide that it seems every one is talking about the nicotine salt e-juice now. This type of e-juice was originally developed by JUUL. Compared with regular e-juices, nic salt juices are more satisfying and smoother tasting.

Now with so many companies racing to get into the nicotine salts space, there are tons of nic salt e-juices on the market today. Therefore, it is really difficult for vapers, especially the beginners, to find the nicotine salt e-liquids that can deliver the satisfying flavor and clouds they are looking for. And that’s the reason why we’ve compiled this list of the best nic salt juice of 2019.

Best Nic Salt Juice 2019

Before diving into our list, we would like to remind you that all the nic salt juices on this list have already been carefully tested by the diligent and professional staff from Heaven Gifts, to make sure the e-juices can live up to their reputation.

As the leading vape device supplier across the world, Heaven Gifts team are dedicated to satisfying the needs of every customer and hope they can be informed about the latest and best vape products and that’s the reason why we update posts about a certain category of vape products from time to time.

Without further ado, here comes our list of the best nic salt juice 2019.

Best Nic Salt Juice – 1. Very Cool by NKD 100 

Best Nic Salt Juice 2019
Best Nic Salt Juice 2019

The Very Cool nicotine salt e-liquid from the NKD 100 adopts a special nicotine salt formulation, which comprises of freshly-picked blueberries, tangy blackberries, as well as juicy raspberries with a hint of tart.

Produced by NKD 100 in the USA, the Very Cool salt e-liquid caters towards a nicotine-salt based experience with higher nicotine hits, perfect for compact, ultra low wattage systems such as pod systems.

If you’re a fan of menthol juices, you can’t afford to miss this one, way better than the JUUL mint.

Best Nic Salt Juice – 2. Peach Pear Nicotine Salt E-juice by Juice Head 

Best Nic Salt Juice 2019
Best Nic Salt Juice 2019

The Peach Pear nic salt juice from Juice Head is a flavorful nicotine salt creation, which infuses a rich and succulent peach essence expertly mixed with a crunchy sweet pear for a perfectly balanced concoction, perfect for ultra-low wattage and pod vapes.

Manufactured by Streamline Vape Co. in the USA, the Peach Pear nic salt juice features 30ml unicorn bottle, 40% PG, 60% VG, child resistant cap, nicotine salts formulation and available nicotine: 25mg and 50mg.

Tastes good and hits hard. Can’t ask for much more.

Best Nic Salt Juice – 3. Lemon Tart Salt by Dinner Lady

Best Nic Salt Juice 2019
Best Nic Salt Juice 2019

The Lemon Tart nicotine salt e-juice from the Dinner Lady takes a freshly baked lemon meringue tart in nicotine salts form, which features a warm flaky crust and zesty lemon filling topped with airy meringue for a decadent dessert vape.

Manufactured in the UK by Dinner Lady Fam, the Lemon Tart e-juice also features 30ml glass dropper bottle, 50% VG, 50% PG, and available nicotine: 30mg, 50mg.

If you haven’t tried this juice, you’re missing out! Easily one of the best Nic Salt juices that I have ever used in my multiple years of vaping!

Best Nic Salt Juice – 4. Blue Raspberry by  Super Salt