Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil 2019 | 3 Top Pod Vapes Featuring Ceramic Coils

Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil 2019

Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil

Ceramic coils are not new in the vaping community, but this year we’ve seen a large number of pod mods incorporating this type of coil. If you haven’t heard about ceramic coils before, then let me explain that ceramic coils improve longevity and protect against issues like metal oxidation. In today’s article, we have made a list of the best pod system with a ceramic coil for you!

Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil
Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil

Our list of the best pod system with ceramic coil includes: 

1. The Aspire AVP

Price: $25-30

Pod Replacements: $8 (2 pods)

The Aspire AVP is a pod system with adjustable wattage in three levels. It is compact, relatively lightweight, and comes with two 2 ml pods in the box. This device has a 700 mAh built-in battery, which may be good enough for a day-long vaping with nic salt liquid.

Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil
Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil

There are two available pods for the AVP at the moment, one housing a 1.2-ohm nichrome coil, and one with a 1.3-ohm ceramic coil. Note that the black, grey, purple, rainbow and red AVPs come with two pods with the 1.2-ohm nichrome coils, and the red, chrome and lime green AVPs come with one of each type of pod.

The AVP produces warm and flavorful vapour. If you don’t mind an MTL draw, then you should give check this one out!

2. The Hotcig Kubi

Price: $20

Pod Replacements: $15 (4 pods)

Same as the previous one, the draw you will experience from this device is quite restrictive. The Hotcig Kubi just features ceramic coil pods that provide pure flavour, being this the biggest strength of this pod.

The coil has a 1.8-ohm resistance range and the pod has a 1.7 ml capacity which is more than enough to keep you all day long vaping as the resistance range is 1.8 ohms.

Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil
Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil

The Hotcig Kubi is draw-activated and claims to have an anti-leak system, like many other pod systems.

The battery life is more than enough to keep you all day vaping without charging it. This is a pretty good deal for what you are paying. We would recommend this to smokers trying to quit or to vapers looking for a backup device for places where you want to be unnoticed.

3. The Starss Bravo

Price: $30-35

Pod Replacements: $12 (4 pods)

The Starss Bravo is a really good looking pod system that has excellent build quality.  It feels heavy (83 grams) and it features a plug-and-play device that’s operated by an automatic draw with the 3 output modes.

Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil
Best Pod System with Ceramic Coil

The flavour with the ceramic coils is spot on! Nevertheless, Starss Bravo also offers mesh pods (0.8 ohms) with this mod, which can be triggered at a maximum output of 15 watts. Both the ceramic coil pod (1.2 ohms) and the mesh pod have 2 ml e-liquid capacity. You can use salt-based nicotine e-liquids or regular e-liquids, but we would not go for high VG concentration to avoid dry hits.

Now, what do you think about these new pod systems with ceramic coils, dear Vapers? Would you give them a try? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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