Best Pod Systems / Pod Vapes 2019 | Top 6 Pod Systems on the Market Currently

Best Pod Systems 2019

Best Pod Systems 2019

Hello everyone, Okaisabor Michael here and today we are focusing on pod vapes in this article. We want you to be educated about the best pod systems in 2019.

Best Pod Systems 2019
Best Pod Systems 2019

But first, what are pod systems? What do they do?

They comprise pods that are empty or pre-filled with your favorite e-liquid, a battery, that are compactly designed to be easily carried. The pods are placed inside a bay in the pod battery. Buttons are usually excluded from these devices as they are draw-activated.

They can be charged via the USB charging port on them and comes with low capacity batteries. But, these devices have gained popularity because they can be easily operated, carried with ease and no need to figure out the settings, in case you want to refill, because they can be easily refilled.

We at Heaven Gifts want to inform you that the brands that are listed here on this article have been tested by our team and are, therefore, approved by us to be the best pod vapes.

Without further ado, here comes our list of best pod systems 2019.

Best Pod Systems – 1. SMOK Nord Pod System 

The SMOK NORD is an ultra-portable pod system from the famous vape manufacturer SMOKTech.

Best Pod Systems 2019
Best Pod Systems 2019

This pod vape features a maximum e-juice capacity of 3ml, a long-lasting 1100mAh rechargeable battery, a refillable cartridge design, a pair of 0.6 ohm Nord Mesh Coils for the sub-ohm vaping and a 1.4 ohm Nord Traditional Coil suitable for mouth-to-lung-draw vapers and nic salts.

Thanks to its signature cobra-plated panels, the pod system delivers phenomenal handling with compact size and weighted feel for an amazing in-hand vape experience. Its rechargeable 1100mAh internal battery makes SMOK NORD pod system one of the pod systems with an outstanding battery capacity. Besides, this vape device can be activated with a single-button operation.

An extraordinary pod system, pretty powerful for a pod system and great for nic salts and MTL vaping, I highly recommend it, totally worth the money!

SMOK Nord Pod System Pros & Cons 


  • Pretty powerful
  • Great for nic salts and MTL vaping
  • Great flavor
  • Love the mouthpiece
  • The battery lasts FOREVER
  • Really good hits
  • Super simple to use
  • Produces great cloud
  • A compact vape that fits in your pocket


  • The only thing i don’t like about it is how big and thick it is.

Best Pod Systems – 2.  Lost Vape Orion DNA Go

The Lost Vape Orion is the first pod system powered by a DNA Go chipset and represents an advancement of vaping technology.

Best Pod Systems 2019
Best Pod Systems 2019

The Lost Vape Orion is crafted with attention to detail and features a highly durable alloy shell with beautiful real carbon fiber, a maximum output power of 40W, 2mL refillable pods and an internal 950mAh rechargeable battery, with a discreet micro-USB port located at the bottom of the device.

Powered by the DNA Go chipset, the Lost Vape Orion supports fully customizable adjustments, power regulations, and precise output modes. The Lost Vape Orion pod system comes with three standard outputs: low (white light), medium (blue light), and high (red light). In addition, the Replay Functionality is added to the device as an additional function which allows users to precisely save the most recent desired output for future firing level.

The pod vape is one of the most versatile pod systems out there, great for both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping.

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Pros & Cons 


  • Works great
  • Don’t leak at all
  • Easy to fill
  • Amazing flavor and vapor
  • Replay mode is awesome and it hits well every time.
  • Great quality
  • Very high quality construction
  • It fires instantly
  • The pods seem to last quite a long time


  • A little bit expensive for a pod system

Best Pod Systems – 3. Suorin Drop Starter Kit

Best Pod Systems 2019
Best Pod Systems 2019

This pod system can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and is the best choice for any vaper that loves mouth to lung vaping. The coil has 1.3 ohms capacity and it is compatible with high PG e-juice. Which can be filled quickly, because the Suorin Drop Starter Kit can be easily refilled with different needle droppers.

The battery capacity is 310 mah, which would give any vaper an awesome vaping for a few hours. The battery can be easily recharged within 30 minutes. And it has a power capacity of 13 wattages.

It doesn’t leak and it has a spit back resistant. With two chambers, this device is an excellent choice to mix e-juices, without worrying about mixing it outside the chambers. To mix two liquids, you should fill each chamber with different e-juice and you would have two flavors in your pods for an excellent vaping experience.

This device would be a good choice for you, thus go for it and vape on.

Best Pod Systems – 4. KandyPens Feather

Best Pod Systems
Best Pod Systems

This device is an exquisitely designed, portable pod vape. It is easy to handle as you can carry it anywhere comfortably. It has a draw-activated battery but no button on it. The product comes in different colors to suit your choice.

The pod can handle an e-juice of 2ml capacity and has an excellent exterior feel (a perfect and durable rubber extension).

You can insert it into the vape battery section, by using the included two-pin connection. And the fill hole is blocked by a rubber plug, in which it uses the bottom-fill system. It has a power capacity of 15w, with a coil resistance of 0.8ohm and the battery can be easily recharged via its USB port, which is located at the base. The battery capacity is at the prime of 380 mah and the battery has an indicator, designed like a pinhole, placed at the side of its chassis.

Best Pod Systems – 5. Rubi Kandypens

Best Pod Systems 2019
Best Pod Systems 2019

This device is designed in such a way that there is no need to be filling the cartridges as the pod can be filled before putting it inside the vaping device. This feature makes it easy to use and provide a better vaping experience.

The temperature automatically re-adjusts to fit any oil that is being vaped on and can fire to a prime of 250 degree Celsius for 8 seconds non-stop. This device can detest bad airflow and it is able to produce vapor as soon as you draw. Thus, if you love direct to lung hit, this device is for you.

Best Pod Systems – 6. The XPod Mini Vape Pod

Best Pod Systems 2019
Best Pod Systems 2019

This slim and portable device is designed by the famous Epuffer and comes with cartridges that are prefilled. The liquid capacity of this pod is 1.2ml and the pods can be easily disposed of when you are done vaping. It also gives you a blend of nicotine salt to bring home that perfect touch to a smooth vaping experience.

The e-liquid that is used is a special one. It is a blend of PG and VG (50% each), and its users can only choose a uniforms strength of nicotine, at 1.8%. This device has an inbuilt battery capacity of 280mAh and the coil resistance is at 2.7 ohms. It has a draw-activated system, no button, and mini LED light that indicates vaping activities.

The flavors come in three choices: the tropical mango, tobacco, and refreshing menthol. And each of its pod is designed specific colors that correspond to any of the flavors that come with it. The pods of the tobacco are red, the Menthol is blue and a yellow color for the pods is the mango flavor.


Thank you for reading through our list of best pod systems 2019! We would be very happy if this list can be any help while you are looking for your next pod system. Since there are tons of pod systems on the market today, we cannot try all of them one by one, so if we’ve missed out your favorite ones, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let us know and we will update this list very soon. Thanks again!

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