Best RTA for Flavor 2019 | 6 Top RTA Vape Tanks for Flavor Right Now

Best RTA for Flavor 2019

Best RTA for Flavor 2019

For those vapers who want to get good flavor instead of just huge clouds, we suggest that they should use RDAs or Drippers, which have a good reputation for better flavor. But if they don’t want to use an RDA, an RTA for flavor is also solid choice. However, with a real surge of RTAs released this year, it is really hard for vapers, especially those who are new to the world of vaping, to find a proper RTA to satisfy their craving for flavor. Therefore, we’ve created this list of the best RTA for flavor.

Best RTA for Flavor 2019
Best RTA for Flavor 2019

Before diving into our list, we would like to remind you that all the RTAs listed on this page have already been carefully tested by the diligent and experienced staff from Heaven Gifts, based on their build quality, ease of use, material conductivity, durability, and flavor production, to make sure they are the best RTAs for flavor you can buy right now.

As the largest vape device supplier across the world, Heaven Gifts always tries its best to satisfy the needs of its customers, hoping they are informed about the best and latest vape products on the market right now and that’s the reason why we update articles on certain vape devices regularly.

Without further ado, here is our list of the best RTA for flavor 2019.

Best RTA For Flavor – 1. DigiFlavor Pharaoh Mini RTA 

The Pharaoh Mini RTA is the brainchild of the collaboration between Digiflavor and RiP Trippers.

Measuring 24mm in diameter with high-level machining in streamlined design, the Pharaoh Mini RTA comes in a standard structure holding up to 2ml of e-juice.

Besides, the compact RTA features an interchangeable build deck, with more options available in the future ranging from Velocity-Style two-post to postless deck designs.

Airflow of this RTA employs dual massive bottom air holes in horizontal arrangement, controlled by a precision click-clock AFC ring.

I was astonished by the spectrum of flavor. This is definitely one of the best RTAs for flavor in the industry.

Best RTA for Flavor 2019
Best RTA for Flavor 2019

Best RTA For Flavor – 2. OBS Engine II RTA

As the successor of the Engine RTA, the OBS Engine II RTA refines the two post build deck, while adding improved designs like a patented top fill design, and an innovative 360° adjustable top airflow.

Built for those that are looking for maximum flavor, the OBS Engine 2 measures in at 26mm, allowing for up to 5ml of e-juice capacity, fillable via the newly patented top side filling system.

Its build deck features a two post, dual terminals per post design, suspending the coil leads between the terminal openings and side-secured via Phillips screws.

Thanks to the innovative 360° adjustable top airflow system, airflow enter through the top and into the chamber, where it is concentrated directly beneath both coils for maximum flavor.

One of my favorite RTAs by far. Easy to fill, no leak top air flow, a small learning curve to build on deck, fantastic flavor and very adjustable air flow, closest to a perfect tank to date.

Best RTA for Flavor 2019
Best RTA for Flavor 2019

Best RTA For Flavor – 3. Geekvape CREED RTA

The Creed RTA from the famous vape manufacturer Geekvape is an RTA with a revolutionary design and an impressive 6.5ml maximum e-juice capacity.

Made from superior stainless steel, the Geekvape Creed RTA has a dynamic airflow system, which allows vapers to change the three different types of inner airflow chambers to match the preferred vaping style. Airflow enters this RTA through three external air slots, and can be fully adjusted by the AFC ring to deliver intense flavor and dense clouds.

Besides, this RTA features a spacious build deck that hosts a two-post design, implementing large terminal openings to accommodate a plethora of coil leads.

Great flavor, easy building, great looking, solid airflow with the wider chimney. Definitely deserves a place in our list of best RTA for flavor 2019.

Best RTA for Flavor 2019
Best RTA for Flavor 2019

Best RTA For Flavor – 4. Augvape Intake RTA

As the brainchild of the collaboration between Augvape and Mike Vapes, the Augvape Intake RTA comes with an e-juice capacity of 2.5ml and an easy-to-build build deck.

Besides, its spacious build deck plays home to two posts, hosting a single 3mm terminal per post for an effective single coil configuration.

Airflow is inlet through the top adjustable dual airflow ring and is channeled down beneath the coil and is concentrated into 3 individual outlets.

Furthermore, this RTA features a simple but effective top-fill system operated by pressing and turning the top cap a quarter-turn counter-clockwise, allowing the top cap to pop off and reveal two over-sized fill ports.

Super easy to build, no leaks, great looks and its slightly restricted airflow produces flavor for days. Augvape and Mike Vapes really did an excellent job with this RTA!

Best RTA for Flavor 2019
Best RTA for Flavor 2019

Best RTA For Flavor – 5. Innokin Ares MTL RTA

As a brainchild of the collaboration between Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, the Innokin Ares MTL RTA comes with a GTA structure with two-post build deck, and multi-hole internal build deck airflow diffuser.

This RTA features a bell-shaped inner chamber to concentrate into a more purer and full-bodied flavor of e-juice, and eliminate any pesky airflow turbulence within at the same time.

At the bottom of the RTA, its adjustable airflow ring hosts four air holes measuring from 0.5mm to 2.0mm, which provides airflow precision according to the user’s preference.

Easy to build on, great flavor, smooth air flow, maybe one of the best MTL RTAs out there.

Best RTA for Flavor 2019
Best RTA for Flavor 2019

Best RTA For Flavor – 6. Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA

The HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA is the brainchild of HellVape and Vapin’ Heathen with an impressive expandable juice capacity.

Its raised build deck allows for extending coil leads to be snipped without painstaking measuring. Besides, the build deck has four posts with wide terminals to easily accept coils of any size, configuration, or thickness.

Furthermore, this RTA also comes with a top side airflow ring, which channels airflow from the top and vents it into the inner coil chamber to create an environment conducive to flavor.

A great RTA with no leaks and the flavor is excellent. Highly recommended.

Best RTA for Flavor 2019
Best RTA for Flavor 2019


Thank you for reading through our list of the best RTA for flavor 2019. We would be very happy if this list can help you find the RTA that rock. However, with so many brands of RTAs available on the market, our team cannot try them all so this list may miss some great ones. If you’ve used some RTAs great for flavor and want to share them with us, you can leave a comment below this post to let us know and we’ll update this list very soon. Thanks again!



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