Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Introduction 

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA is an exquisite and innovative rebuildable atomizer with 22mm diameter. It adopts an unique ceramic added build deck with one post two holes design for convenient single coil building and highly compatible with various heating coils. Moreover, Ghoul BF RDA also comes with a bottom feeding (BF) pin which make it compatible with Squonk MODs. Together with adjustable side airflow control for huge vapor and without leaking, Blitz Ghoul will bring you a magic vaping experience.

The Ghoul RDA is only the 3rd RDA that Blitz have brought to market, and up till now I must admit I had not really heard of Blitz. So a good place to start is by introducing Blitz, and finding out a bit more about this company.

Who are Blitz?

Blitz Enteprises Inc. is an ever growing company which has been in electronic cigarette’s field more than 6 years. Own brands, original designs, 100% authentic devices, aiming to give all vaping lovers a fantastic vaping experience.

Blitz started with a small sales group and now, we have our own factory with 30 sets of imported CNC Machines, 23 sets of engraving machines and a 24 person young and passionate sales team. So, a completed & perfect team will be here to guarantee your products’ quality and after-sale service.

Blitz may not be a very famous brand that you are known right now, but we’ve been engaged in this field for a long time and never stopped to keep pace with the developement of e-cigarette and meet the demands of vapers.

Blitz has got a lot of “thank you” letters and positive feedback from vape lovers and wholesalers which do inspire us to insist on this and go farther.

Choose Blitz, a new vaping world will be shown to you!

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Packaging

The Ghoul RDA, comes packaged in a distinctive yellow box, with a small cut out, to give you a sneak peak of Atomiser. And includes the following items in the box.

1x Ghoul RDA
Pre-installed 810 Coloured Resin ‘Snakeskin’ Drip Tip
1x 810 Frosted Resin Pearl drip tip
1x BF pin
Bottom Feed Pin.
510 drip tip adapter
Coil Screw Key.
Spare Parts

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Product Description

• Ceramic Clamp construction
• Single coil configuration
• Adjustable side airflow
• Deep juice well
• PEEK insulator
• Gold plated positive pin
• Comes with bottom feeder pin
• 510 threading connection
• 22mm overall diameter

Up Close and Personal with the Blitz Ghoul BF RDA

The first thing you notice about the Ghoul is its unusual shape. Rathe than precise flat sides, the Ghouls chamber is curved outwards, in a short of Barrel shape, narrower at the bottom, slightly curving out as it rises up, then it narrows in again towards the top, where it then tapers in at about a 45 degree angle were it runs for about 2 to 3 ml, were it meets up with the very striking 810 Drip Tip, which takes up most of the diameter of the 22ml Atty.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

The second thing you notice is how low down the the dual Airflow slots are on the side on the chamber, sitting about 5ml up from the base, which did make me wonder, how much of an issue leaking was going to be. Also when you first look at the Airflow slots, it appears as if on is closed off, whilst the other is open.

The Ghoul Logo, has been lightly machined into the side of the chamber, a Skull with Cross Mech Tube mods behind. The logo is a lot more of a stand out feature of the other coloured RDA’s. So if you prefer the more subtle branding, you may want to stick with the more naturally classic looking brushed stainless steel. But for those of you who want a more stand out, slightly more in your face look, there are eight more popping colours to choose from. All with matching resin ‘Snakeskin’ Drip Tips.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

The Stainless Steel RDA, that I have been using, coming with a choice of two 810 drip tips. The striking Yellow Snakeskin Resin, which I am a big fan of, or the frosted pearl finish, with cross hatch, running around the outsideI love the fact that manufactures are including such stunning drip tips in with their RDAs. And it’s a real bonus that they include two in the box.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

The chamber is firmly held in place by two fat oring, not only allowing you to pick your device up by the Atty chamber, but is secure enough to tighten it down without adjusting the Airflow. But it does mean that when you want to adjust the Airflow, you are better off pulling the chamber off, and realigning it, rather than trying to rotate it in place, as you just end up unscrewing the whole atty, or over tightening it.

The chamber it’s self, has surprisingly thick walls,due to its Barrel shape, which does have the added benefit of keeping the whole Atomiser a little bit cooler.

The inside of the chamber is nicely shaped with substantial coning towards to top of chamber, as it meets up with the drip Tip.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

The Ghoul isn’t just about the looks, and what’s on the outside. The levels of detail and design. Have continued with the deck.

Surrounded by the surprisingly high walls, the simple single coil deck, has been well thought out and designed. Based on an offset Single Screw clamp. Which sits above the split channeled Airflow.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

Effectively a cutout grove in the back of clamp base, which allows air to be drawn in, and channeled through exiting next to the coil, through two airholes, Which allows for well balanced Airflow to be directed, straight onto the full length of the sides of the Coils.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

Your coil, once installed is held firmly in place by the Ceramic Clamp, which again works towards reducing as heat transition from the coil.

The deep juice well, is fed directly via the well positioned Bottom Feed 510 pin. With room for plenty of cotton, to wick up all the juice.

The depth of the juice well, and positioning of the Airflow slots seems to work really well in preventing any juice leakage. And actually a lot less of an issue than I thought it would be, before I used it.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Build

The build on this single coil deck really couldn’t be simpler, once you have loosened off the large flat head Screw, using the supplied tool, you can lay your coil tails under the clamp, and whilst holding the coil in place with a coiling rod, or screwdriver, you can then tighten down the clamp, and clip of the excess coil legs.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

As mentioned before there is plenty of room for wicking, just ensure that you keep the air holes clear, by setting the wicks towards the sides of the well,rather than directly under the Coils.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

How does the Blitz Ghoul BF RDA perform?

The combination of a low set airflow, along with the ceramic post and beautifully domed inner cap of this RDA, make for a sensational flavour experience. The extra height of this RDA, goes a long way in preventing or at least reducing spit back from the coil, even with the wide opening of the drip Tip.

With both Squonking and dripping, I had zero issues with overflow, due to the deep juice well, you would have to be very careless with the amount of juice you dumped in, or Squonked up to get it to come out through the airholes. I found the Airflow really well balanced, if a little noisy. And tended to run it with the Airflow wide open all the time. The channeling of the Airflow seemed to give enough resistance.

Final Thoughts on the Blitz Ghoul BF RDA

I’m a real fan of single coil RDAs. And the Ghoul RDA has just made it onto my Favourite list. Mainly down to the outstanding level of flavour that it produces. With the forthcoming success of the Ghoul RDA, I’m sure we going to see big things to come from Blitz. Well hopefully we will.

If your looking to pick one up, then head over the Heaven Gifts and use Discount code MVR, to get 15% off your purchase, you won’t be disappointed.

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