COEUS LTBE Heating Kit Preview

COEUS LTBE Heating Kit

COEUS LTBE Heating Kit Introduction

First of all, is it just me wondering why I have not used e-mazing before – cracking myself here! Sorry back to the task at hand. I have a new kit on the block to tell you guys about. This newbie is really turning heads, and for all the right reasons. I want to say drumroll please but there must be another saying I can use. Maybe get ready to clap your hands for the all new and impressive COEUS LTBE device. This is something a bit different to review, so I lept at the chance. The main purpose of COEUS LTBE Heating Kit is to heat tobacco sticks without burning. Vape whilst being healthy – sounds good right! Enough of me blabbing let’s get down to the knitty gritty.

No Burning Kit

The COEUS LTBE Device is, as mentioned above, a completely new and attractive heating kit. So what does this actually mean? It means quite simply that this kit features a unique heating element. The purpose of this element is to heat the tobacco sticks (not included) without burning. The key positive to this system is that it gives you a different and healthier vape. Considering this is usually the main factor, improving health, for most vapers to continue vaping, it makes the COEUS a real point of interest. This isn’t the only great point about this kit though!

COEUS LTBE Heating KitBattery Boom

You would think with a unique heating element that the COEUS has a small battery. Think again. With a 1200mAh large built-in battery, the COEUS LTBE Kit can kick out a nice 25W of output power. This can provide you with a long-lasting vape time for 20pcs tobacco sticks. So hello daily kit!

COEUS LTBE Heating KitHeating Path

The COEUS LTBE also features an all-new heating path selection for temperature adjustment. You can easy adjustable the heating temperature from 250℃ to 270℃ by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. The kit also has a replaceable pen-style MCH heating part which heats the tobacco stick quickly and evenly to bring pure flavor and lengthen its working life. Together with 5 clicks power on/off button, low voltage warning and light indicators, the COEUS LTBE Heating Kit provides a totally safe and simple vape that still packs a punch!

COEUS LTBE Heating Kit

COEUS LTBE Heating KitPortability

This impressive device is even super cute! Its such a nice shape and size it simply slots right into your back pocket. I also like the fact that they have been simple with the colours and design. Just black and white, like it or leave it. I respect that.

COEUS LTBE Heating Kit

COEUS LTBE Heating KitCOEUS LTBE Heating Kit Specs

  • Size: 111 x 30 x 22.5mm
  • Battery Capacity: Built-in 1200mAh
  • Power: 25W
  • Temperature Range: Red Light 270℃/ Green Light 250℃
  • Power On/Off Button: 5 clicks

COEUS LTBE Heating KitCOEUS LTBE Heating Kit Features

  • Portable and innovative no-burning heating kit
  • 1200mAh Large built-in battery
  • Heating path selection for temperature adjustment
  • Easy 5 clicks power on/off button
  • Pen-style MCH heating technology
  • Replaceable heating part for easy cleaning
  • Low voltage warning

COEUS LTBE Heating KitCOEUS LTBE Heating Kit Comes With:

  • LTBE Device
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Guide
  • Ten Cotton Swabs

Order Tips

  • Perfectly compatible with IQOS tobacco sticks such as Marlboro, Parliament, Heets, etc.
  • It doesn’t come with the tobacco stick, so you need to buy them separately.

COEUS LTBE Heating Kit PreviewCOEUS LTBE Heating Kit Final Thoughts

So what do you think? Something a bit different right? Personally, I can’t wait to try this out. It’s something simple, 1200mAh, of healthy power. It has the punch without all the fussy and extra AF hype. I like this understated, yet brilliant device. Make people underestimate you, then you can always surprise. Well done COEUS I commend you for your efforts. Buy COEUS LTBE Heating Kit with confidence from Heaven Gifts here and get 15% off with code: Rowena15.



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