Euro Cup Promo: Guess the Winner and Win Vape Prizes!


The Euro Cup is getting to the most exciting part of the competition….the sixteenth round is happening this weekend and only one team will lift the Cup! Imagine if you could win free vape gear by supporting your football team? Well, this is exactly what we have in mind!If you guess what football team will take the Euro Cup home, you will win free vape gear or gift cards! This is not a normal give away, if you get the team right, you win!

Eura Vaping 2016

There are 2 ways to enter this contest:

A. For a chance to WIN $10 gift card:

1. Share this post on Social Media (you must be a fan or our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page)
2. Send your guess to (replace this hashtag for @) before June 30 (first game for quarters)
3. If the team you guessed, wins the final, you will get a $10 gift card to use at

B. For a chance to WIN FREE vape gear: (Please see the list of items*)

1. Place an order at (Any product you want!)
2. Send an email to (replace this hashtag for @) including your guess for the Euro 2016 and your order number before June 30 (first game for quarters)
3. If the team you guessed, wins the Euro Cup 2016 final, you can choose any product we are listing below.

Please, note there is NO LUCKY DRAW for this contest so if you guess who is going to win the Euro Cup final you get your prize regardless of how many people enter.

We have 10 different products and more than 90 prizes in stock waiting for you!

With such a big chance to win and so many prizes waiting for you, what are you waiting for? Enter the contest and enjoy football while vaping, what’s better than that! Play the Euro Cup 2016 at Heaven Gifts and WIN!

List of prizes you can choose from if you win (valid until ends of stock):

Vaporesso Target Mini kit (2), 300W VAPMOD Spartans TC MOD (5), Serpent Mini (5), UD Simba (15), Aspire Cleito (10), 70W ENCOM TX (5), Balrog Kit (8), Tornado Nano tank (10), Vaporesso Target CCELL tank (20), Desire Yuri RDA (10).


*The text above shows how many items we have in stock for each product. You can choose any of them if you win as long as we have stock. First participants have priority to choose if the win. So hurry up! #EuroVape



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