Evolv Versus Joyetech—the DNA 200 Case!


There has been some hype between Joyetech USA and Evolv butting heads recently in some e-cig disagreements. We are going to have to cut a rather long smoky story short but here it goes.


Basically, Evolv created and patented many circuit boards that are key components of some vaping devices. In particular, the DNA® 200 circuit board, so-named because it can generate up to 200 watts, has been purchased many times by Wismec and is part of the new device; Reuleaux DNA 200. Simple so far right? Well all was dandy until the two companies met in November 2015 when Joyetech and Wismec informed Evolv that they wanted to market a competitive “low-budget” 200-wattage device based on a new circuit board.

Evolv’s reaction involved telling Joyetech that if they wanted to pursue this they had to obtain a patent and license from Evolv for the circuit to avoid infringement. Joyetech did not agree with the infringement statement and continued with their new low-budget marketing plan. This resulted in The Reuleaux RX 200 being sold, containing a circuit board that is designed, manufactured, and sold by Joyetech and Wismec under the Wismec® brand. Evolv believes that the Reuleaux RX 200’s circuit board is simply a reverse-engineered copy of its DNA® 200 circuit board. So here is where the problem lies!                                                      

Wismec Reuleaux RX200

 Evolv is really not happy with Joyetech. They say the new device is threatening their sales and damaging their market reputation as well as, of course, defying their patented technology. Therefore, Evolv decided to take Joyetech to court. Joyetech defied all the charges against them, clearly stating that the technology was not the same and that their circuit boards are their own design to use in their own devices.

 Wismec just launched Reuleaux RX200s with an improved 0.96 inch OLED screen which presents all parameters more clearly is a bright spot of the device. 

What’s your opinion so far? On Joyetech’s side or Evolv? Well we have the official verdict…… The Court concluded that Evolv has failed to demonstrate a likelihood of irreparable harm, therefore its motion is DENIED. With so many new devices being launched so frequently, this is just one of the problems facing e-cig manufacturers today, what’s your opinion?  



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