Preview for GeekVape Medusa: the Simplification of an RDTA

Overview for GeekVape Medusa

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.19.55 PM In recent months Geekvape have stepped up releases of great new products to the market and now we see the release of a brand new RDTA (or RDA depends on how you look at it) called Medusa. In Greek mythology Medusa was an ugly woman with snakes adorning her head instead of hair, an evil woman. The Medusa RDTA is as far from that as it can possibly be.

First impressions of GeekVape Medusa are that it is a beautifully designed and well made piece of kit. At first glance you can confuse this with an RDA, gone is the glass tank and this is a full metal body with an ornate design around the base which I will add reminds me of the snakes in Medusa’s hair perhaps this being the only similarity. Geekvape Medusa strive to bring innovation to the market. The Medusa is another fine example of this.

Exploded view for Geekvape Medusa


GeekVape Medusa has 2 ways of fillingGeekvape have opted for a simplified internal structure for this. GeekVape Medusa has a e-juice capacity of 3ml and has a velocity style build deck. Measuring in at 25mm and 38mm high this is a nice looking size for your mod. A nice feature is that there is a locking system between the base and the body which means in order to fill you have to twist anti-clockwise and then lift to unlock. Once filled you push body back down onto base and secure with a clockwise twist. Speaking of filling we have two options here: Firstly remove the top cap and the Medusa can be used as an RDA. Secondly remove the top and middle sections to fill up the base to turn the Medusa into an RDTA. This allows for options suit your preference. Finally for flavour freaks the shortened shaft allows for an increase in flavour. The Medusa will be available in Black or Stainless Steel.


First impressions are wonderful I will take a better look at the Medusa and expect a full review up on my Youtube channel. The design of the GeekVape Medusa for me is striking and going by previous experience with Geekvape products I am expecting great things.

If you cannot wait for the preview / review on my channel then you can preorder from and use my code AJAY to save 15% on this.

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