What You Need to Know Before Starting Using a RTA


Tired of using Sub-Ohm tanks, you might want to try some rebuildable atomizers like RTAs. When you first hear RTAs, they might sound a bit, well, complicated and confusing. But in reality they aren’t. In fact, they are really very simple. In this article, I aim to help you figure out what a RTA is and the essential parts of a RTA.

What is a RTA?

picture2The RTA is an acronym, which stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. Just like a RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), RTA also has a deck on which you still need to build the coils. But compared with a RDA, RTA has a tank to hold the extra e-juice so you can keep vaping for much of the day before refilling. When you take a close look at a RTA, you may find a typical RDA usually includes four main parts.

The Base and Deck

The base and deck is the part of the RTA you will be building on. Different RTAs have different deck styles. Some decks have multiples so that you can build multiple coils on it while some decks are designed for a single coil build.

The Chimney

Every RTA has a chimney, which allows vapor to be drawn from the coil to your mouth. When the chimney is fully assembled, the bottom section screws onto the base around the deck while the top section will screw onto the place that connects to the top cap.

The Tank

IMG_3224The deck and post of a RTA is usually covered by a sealed metal chamber cap connecting to the chimney, around which is a tank. The tank is used for holding extra e-juices. Gravity and pressure automatically force the e-juice in the tank down around the chamber cap and then through channels on the deck, in which the wick ends are placed.

The Top Cap

Having assembled your tank sections, the last step you need to do is put on your top cap. When you screw in the top cap, you will find the chimney slides into the middle, thus making a separation between the metal chamber and the tank.

IMG_3213For your first RTA, I would highly recommend GeekVape Ammit RTA, which is easy to handle for beginners. In my opinion it is the best single coil RTA I have ever used. It is quite easy to build and has enough space to wick. Besides, cotton laying is also very easy. It is a flavor master. With its unique, three-dimensional airflow, you will enjoy brilliant and unrivaled flavor.



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