News of Cuboid and Cuboid Mini Update For Vapers!


Hey vapers, great news… Joyetech have just launched a new firmware for both Cuboid and Cuboid Mini devices! We thought we would let you know about the new features you can get from updating your current Cuboid!

News Update for CuboidFor the Cuboid Mini; you can now upload custom logos onto the Cuboid Mini as you like. The logo should be single color bmp. picture with limited 64*40 pixel.

The Cuboid has the 150W maximum output wattage and can also be upgraded to 200W. However, Joyetech know how diverse your vaping needs are. Thus they developed two versions: V3.01 and V3.11 with 150W and 200W respectively. They added a new mode called SMART Mode for easy operation too! And wattage down setting is also available under VT mode now.

So fancy a change? Want to be ahead of the game? Well here is how to update your Cuboid software in 5 simple steps!

1.    Download and install “UpdateFirmware.pkg”
2.    Open the file by double clicking
3.    Connect your Cuboid to your PC via USB
4.    Click on the file “Cuboid_V3.11.bin” to update
5.    DONE! New Firmware will be 3.11, then click Exit – simple!

Let us know how you get on with your new fancy Cuboid firmware and if you made your vaping experience even more enjoyable!



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