Oumier VLS RDA Review- More Sting Than the Wasp ?

Oumier VLS RDA Review

Oumier VLS RDA Intro

Oumier has just released their latest Oumier VLS RDA to the market and I am here to let you know about my experience using it for the past couple of weeks. Does it walk all over the wasp nano or does the wasp still rule supreme? Read on to find out.

Oumier is a relatively new brand to me and may also be unknown to those of you reading unless you experienced the fantastic wasp nano. For me that was what made this companies name known to me and I probably would not have given the VLS a second look if it was not for the wasp nano.

Oumier VLS RDA Review

After taking a break from RDAs for a short time in favour of some of the RTAs that have recently come out it was great to be offered the chance to review the Oumier VLS. I had seen a few pictures beforehand and it looked a decent RDA. So without further ado lets get the box opened and take a closer look.

Oumier VLS RDA Packaging List

Oumier VLS RDA
Bag of spares – O-rings, bf pin etc

Oumier VLS RDA specs and a closer look

Size: 25mm x 45mm
Capacity: 1.5ml (with a deep juice well)
Cap Material: Gold colour: PEI, SS and Black colour: Aerospace PC
510 threading connection with gold plated centre pin
Stainless steel (base) construction;
The first vertical coil / transverse coil, single coil / dual coil suitable RDA
Five-holes side airflow system
Top filling design
Separate posts, easy coil locking and wicking
Replaceable BF 510 pin
PEEK insulator
810 drip tip

Oumier VLS RDA Review

The Oumier VLS looks great out of the box, I was sent the almost white PEI version and to be honest, this was the colour I was hoping for. Looks wise this is an eye-catcher, with the SS trim at the top and around the base it looks a classy RDA. Removing the top cap reveals a rather interesting deck design and a design I have yet to see in any RDA. Looking in the manual reveals this deck is able to take dual and single configurations and allows horizontal or vertical builds. The post holes are pretty big too allowing for lots of playing around with different configurations of builds. There’s some innovation here for sure! The deck screws into the base and if you unscrew the two you will see a large rectangular area on the base of the deck. This is where you feed your cotton down too and it will soak up juice from the well here.

Oumier VLS RDA in Use Horizontal

This is where I turn a little sour on the VLS. First off I built this horizontally between the posts which was cool at first, building this way was easy. Wicking also was easy, first off wicking the bottom coil and feeding cotton downwards and then the same to the top. Then I gave the cotton a good soaking ( or so I thought ) and off I went to dry hit city! So back to the build again I went to see what was going on. Of course, once I removed the top coils cotton I could see the cotton underneath was barely saturated. Schoolboy error, I should have checked this I think. So I wicked again, soaking the wicks individually this time. Perfect! The vapour and flavour coming off was pretty good, more postive points in terms of flavour here.

The airflow was rather restrictive but not so much so that I did not enjoy it. Using this configuration the air travels to the coil via the airflow holes.Then through the airflow holes in the posts and over the coils. One problem I had after correcting the initial issue. I found that dripping more liquid in made me nervous as you cannot see what the cotton underneath is doing or that it is wicking correctly. So I moved onto a vertical coil build.

Oumier VLS RDA Vertical Build

A vertical coil build requires nothing more than position coils in two different post holes and wicking is much easier. Two tails going through the coils and down into the base. You can see both, saturate both and it was far easier. So with that built, set the airflow onto the coils and vaped away. The flavour was much better this way, a massive improvement on the horizontal build. I was much happier as I could see my cotton and drip with ease and no worries at all. I did, however, turn the airflow back round to where the post holes are. This I found to be a little better in terms of airflow although I did expect a little loss to the flavour there was not really any.

Finally I went used the bottom feeder pin on the squonker and put the coils back to horizontal. This actually worked much better than before, squonking pushed the juice straight to the cotton from below, negating the need to drip down and hope that it gets all the cotton nice and wet.

Oumier VLS RDA Video Review

Oumier VLS RDA Final Thoughts

This is a nice RDA and one that offers a lot of innovation and a lot of ideas for other companies. Whilst I would not say this is my go to RDA for daily dripping it is nice to have on my squonk and gives a satisfying vape.

There are a few niggles, the horizontal wicking is just like dripping blind. Also something that really bugged me was the alternate threading between the deck and the base meant I was always unscrewing the base from the deck when adjusting airflow. This was really annoying. The problem goes further when you tighten one part and it lands up starting to unscrew from the base. It does not feel natural to have to worry about this normally!

Torn between this and a Wasp nano, go for the Wasp. Handsdown the better RDA from Oumier. Innovative ? yes, but not enough for me at this point. Maybe someone else will take this deck on and produce something better.

Jay Barker

I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!