SEVIA and Right 2 B Smoke Free Team up to Fight FDA in Court


Dimitris Agrafiotisand Azim Chowdhury inWashington DCToday in Washington DC, SEVIA USA chairman Dimitris Agrafiotis met with Right 2 B Smoke Free Coalition legal team and Azim Chowdhury and contributed financially to the litigation effort.

SEVIA USA is committed to continue their assistance in the right against the unfair and over reach classification under the tobacco category for Vapor products.

SEVIA USA was created in January 2016 after a conference in Shenzhen (China) where companies involved in the industry agreed to fight unfair FDA (Food and Drugs Federation) regulations on e-cigs.
Heaven Gifts, as the largest electronic cigarette distributor in the world,  joined this organization along with other Chinese manufacturers. The goal is no other that concentrating our financial efforts and resources to keep vapor products affordable, accessible and with the variety needed in order to help smokers transition to a less harmful alternative.
 Watch this video with chairman Dimitris Agrofiotis explaining SEVIA’s mission
SEVIA believes that the Congress should not regulate vapor products as tobacco products, and the FDA should modify the grandfather date to allow products currently on the market in order to avoid the Pre Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process, as well as creating a streamlined process that allows companies to submit more reasonable applications for the vapor market.


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