How Smart is the Handbuilt Coils for an Eagle Tank?


1. Re-wickable The design of the coil structure allows users to simply customize on the enlarged deck while enabling simple replacement of the exterior cotton element. Choose an organic and quality wicking material that is decently situated to the coils, after that, take some scissors and cut the cotton until it fits the coil. Simple and easy!


2. Better flavor
The ceramic deck of the HBC allows the liquid to be absorbed within the material itself. With this kind of setup, the juice is heated more evenly, resulting in better quality flavor. The temperature required to burn ceramic is much higher than any fiber, this may eliminate the possibility of a burnt or “dry hit” and guarantee a purer taste.


3. Easy to clean
Cleaning HBC is also super easy. By getting rid of the old cotton and dry burning the coil for about 10 seconds, you can then tilt it under running water, it’s really that easy to revive your coil and make it look brand new. Remember though, dry the water off the deck before you start a new puff!


4. Enjoy DIY fun
If you are a DIY guy, then the HBC will be perfect for you. Inserting a new piece of cotton, replacing the pre-made wire with a new one are all possible. Enjoy and just have fun.


5. 20 types to pick from
Geekvape has released 20 fancy set ups so far, they have different heating materials, resistance, and coil types (single/dual). You can choose the right one to fit for your eagle tank.


6. Money-saving
The HBC replacement is re-wickable and easy to clean, its lifespan is much longer than the pre-made coils. So all in all along with the simplicity and great taste it’s also very cost-efficient to save you money!




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