Smart Ways For You to Recycle Your Old Vaping Gears


We all know vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. What you possibly didn’t also realize is that vaping also reduces the negative impact the tobacco industry has on the environment, as vaping flushes away billions of cigarette butts that are dumped by smokers everywhere.  However, there is also a problem with dumping old vaping devices. With so many items being released every year, what are we supposed to do with our old vaping gear? Getting new vaping gear is super exciting, but as you start vaping your new beauty, you also forget about the old one. While this is a normal human reaction, you should not forget that your old vaping gear might be a problem for the environment. Here there are some tips on how to be more environmentally friendly while still enjoying those great vaping clouds!

Batteries & Mods

E-cigarette batteries contain lithium which does harm the environment. So how to recycle the batteries or mods should be our first priority. One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure as they say.

If they are not broken, why not put it up on a site and resell it? Reddit is a great place for sharing, buying, selling and trading all kinds of vaping devices. Just give it a try!We are sure you have some friends who are still struggling to quit smoking. Helping them to switch to vaping and start a new life free of tobacco! Everyone remembers their first vape and you can now be part of it.

If they are broken and you want to discard of them. There are 3 ways to recycle these devices instead of just throwing them away and they’re taken to the landfill.

  • Take them to the local vape shop that recycles them.
  • Find a drop-off spot—these are usually found in or around superstores or supermarkets. At these drop-off spots, you can simply put your batteries in the boxes and be on your way.
  • Get connected with some environmentally responsible organizations. Like Call2Recycle for example, which is probably the largest and most reliable battery recycling program in North America. Their program provides all the tools necessary to make recycling easy. They send out boxes and bags to all locations by request.
Juice Bottles

Before recycling juice bottles, the first thing you should do is empty the deadly residue under running water. Here there are also 3 ways to choose:

  • Use a service. The Vape Cycle is a special recycling service that serves the vape industry. So far, they have collected more than 100,000 bottles for recycling. It is said that they have placed 110 bins in California, some of the stores even offer rewards for recycling. It is a good thing to make some contribution to our living environment, and still enjoy the vaping and do not have the sense of guilt to make the waste.
  • Reuse the bottles. If you love travelling and vaping on the go, reusing the smaller ones on a journey would be a perfect idea. Both environment and travel friendly.
  • Vape hoarding. The vaping devices are evolving so fast, so you get new ones, but you still cannot get rid of the old ones. Even though you may not use some devices, it is still good to hold onto them for future reference. This is especially true for Youtube reviewers. If you can’t help buying more vaping gear than you need, then it’s a great choice to start vape gear hoarding.

Reusing your coils is really important.

The average lifespan of a coil is two weeks. Replaceable coils are most likely the vaping gear you purchase the most. There are quite a few different materials to build your coils, such as Stainless Steel, Kanthal, and also Nickel. Remember to separate them so that the recycling centers will know how to dispose of them properly.

All in all, be a happy vaper and an environmentalist as well!

If you have your own way to recycle them, welcome to comment below and share your idea with us!




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