Is Nautilus X a Suitable Tank for Sub-ohm Vapers?

Nautilus X tank and packagingThe  Nautilus X from Aspire is a tank designed with mouth to lung (MTL) vapers in mind. What is mouth to lung vaping? That’s where you take a puff and draw the vapor into your mouth first, then inhale the vapor into your lungs. Around the vaping community, many people refer to themselves as tootle puffers that vape this way. MTL vapers prefer a tighter airflow that mimics the draw of smoking a cigarette, use higher ohm coils and lower wattages.
There is another type of vaping called a direct lung hit, where you take a puff and draw the vapor directly into your lungs. Direct lung hitters, commonly referred to as cloud chasers or sub-ohmers, usually prefer lots of airflow, lower ohm coils and high wattages. This produces more flavor, lots of vapor, and those huge clouds you see on social media. This pretty much describes me; I typically use 0.5 ohm or lower coils, and love the flavor and massive amounts of vapor sub-ohm coils provide.
But I wasn’t always a sub-ohmer, once upon a time I was a tootle puffer and the original Nautilus tank was my first big upgrade in tanks back when I first started vaping. Then the Atlantis tank came out and into the world of sub-ohm vaping I went, leaving my tootle puffing days behind.
So the question is, can a vaper that is used to sub-ohm coils and direct lung hits use and enjoy a low wattage, mouth to lung tank? When I was asked to try the Nautilus X, I wasn’t sure if I could. Still, I agreed to try it because I think the market sometimes overlooks this section of the vape community. Plus, sometimes blowing huge clouds isn’t conducive to vaping out in public. I’m lucky enough to live in a state where many of the restaurants and public places still allows smoking, so I can vape in those places, but I still get stares from people sometimes, because taking even a little puff from one of my sub-ohm tanks produces way more vapor than an cigarette smokers exhale. Using the Nautilus X has been a way better experience than I thought it would be. First of all, Aspire has totally redesigned the Nautilus from top to bottom.

The Nautilus X is a 2ml, TPD compliant tank that has top airflow control, and is a top fill tank. It features a new, innovated coil design. Aspire calls this U-Tech, and as I understand it, air enters via the upper airflow slot, travels down through first coil, then returns up through the center of the other coil and out the drip tip. There is also 2 large e-liquid intake holes, which allows you to use high VG e-liquids, something that you couldn’t do with the original Nautilus. I’ve been using 70 and 80 VG e-liquids and haven’t got a dry hit yet. The flavor is very good for a low wattage, 1.5 ohm coil. Is using the Nautilus X comparable to what I’m used to? No, but it’s outstanding for what it is, a tank for those just starting vaping and those who prefer a tighter, MTL draw.
It took a little while for me to get used to using it, but I’ve enjoyed the experience. I was pleasantly surprised that the 2ml capacity wasn’t a huge issue like I thought it would be, since using it at 20w the e-liquid lasts a pretty good amount of time. I can definitely see this becoming my go to tank when I’m out and about in public and don’t want draw attention to myself with huge plums of vapor. I would definitely recommend the Nautilus X to a new vapor or someone looking for a great MTL tank. The Nautilus X is an easy to use and is a huge upgrade from the orginal Nautilus tank in terms of flavor and being able to use high VG liquids.
By Bella Vapes, USA
About Bella Vapes: Photographer, wife and mother of 2, vape reviewer. I broke a 30 year smoking habit the day I tried vaping for the first time.


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