Tornado Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Versus Tornado Nano

With iJoy releasing both the Tornado RDTA and the Tornado Nano, you may be wondering which tank is right for you. Both are excellent tanks, but are very different from each other. We will be taking a look at each one and going over the features, pros and cons of each so hopefully you can make an informed decision.


A couple of questions you can ask yourself to help you decide are:

1. Are you looking for a RTA, Sub-ohm tank or both?

The Tornado is a RTA only, while the Tornado Nano offers both a RTA and Sub-ohm tank in one.

2. Are you a build enthusiast or prefer simpler easier to build RTA’s?

The Tornado is geared toward more advanced builders and may be frustrating to build on for beginner/ intermediate builders or those looking for an easy to build deck. The Tornado’s build deck isn’t screwed into the base and takes a few steps to get it built and ready to vape, while the Nano is super easy to build on and screws into the base.  Both build decks are large and have plenty of room to build on.

Now let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of each tank and my experience with each.

Tornado RDTA
  • Pros:

Large build deck, 5ml capacity, top side fill, optional T6 build deck with three terminals per post, capable of holding six coils and rated to be able to run up to 300w. Excellent flavor and vapor production.

  • Cons:

Not a user friendly build deck and could prove frustrating for those that are looking for an easy to build RTA. The tank leaks a lot. Every time I went to fill the tank it leaked and if you don’t let juice level get really close to empty it will leak badly.  O-rings don’t hold the glass in place when you unscrew the base so you can’t get to the build deck without emptying the tank.

 Tornado Nano

  • Pros:

Offers both a RTA deck and can use stock coils, appealing to both builders and sub ohm tank users. Offers a 4 ml e-liquid capacity. The chip coils are really nice and give you almost the same flavor and vapor production as using the RTA. The chip coil can be rewicked, prolonging the life of the coil. The RTA deck is large and super easy to build on.  Both advanced builders and new builders can enjoy this tank. True top filling with wide open fill ports. I experienced no leaks while using either the chip coil or the RTA. Flavor and vapor production are excellent.

  • Cons:

The only issue I had was the o-rings. Like the original, the o-rings do not hold the glass in place if you unscrew the base, so you can’t change the coil or access the build deck without emptying the tank.

Those are the things I experienced with both tanks; others may have a different experience. My feelings are that the Tornado is for those seeking a more advanced build, don’t mind the leaking issues, and prefer to build more exotic coil builds. The Tornado Nano appeals to wider audience and offers both builders and sub ohm tank fans the best of both worlds offered in one tank.  Both tanks offer excellent flavor and vapor production so it really comes down to what you prefer in a RTA.

By Bella Vapes, USA
About Bella Vapes: Photographer, wife and mother of 2, vape reviewer. I broke a 30 year smoking habit the day I tried vaping for the first time.



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