Do You Know What Vape Gear Is Leonardo Dicaprio Using?


After six Academy Award nominations; Leonardo Dicaprio finally won a well-deserved Best Actor Oscar for his outstanding performance in The Revenant. Well done Leo! Dicaprio became internet’s favorite person to win the best actor award this season, but there is something that has become even more popular than his Oscar amongst the vape community: his vaping gear!

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Yes, fellow vapers. Dicaprio decided to whip out his mod during SAG’s Awards and vape in the middle of the ceremony.  While the vape community embraced his brave gesture, some other fans were not so happy about it…This gesture triggered all kind of reactions on Twitter about his new ceremony award companion.

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Tweet about Dicaprio vaping

Tweet about Leonardo Dicaprio vaping during SAG Awards

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Sorry, Ly @plainroll  but Leonado Dicaprio couldn’t vape at the Oscars Ceremony as the American Lung Association and some other anti vaping organizations raised criticism and most likely Dicaprio was kindly asked not to vape during the Oscar Awards. Damn!

Here at, we could not help but ask ourselves what kind of vaping gear he was using and some other questions. Is Leo into vaping high VG juice? Is he building his own coils?! Does he have an ohm meter at home?!! Is Dicaprio aware of how important ohm law is for sub-ohm vaping?!!!!

Well… all we figured out here is that the celebrity uses a Innokin itaste MVP 2.0 mod and a KangerTech AeroTank Mega based on the image circulating on the internet. Sorry to disappoint you cloud chasers, but Leo seems to be into a mild vaping!



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