3 Affordable Stab Wood Mods That Rock!

Stab Wood Mods
Stab Wood Mods

3 Affordable Stab Wood Mods That Rock!

Stab wood mods… so you always wanted to own one of them but you were not able to afford it? Maybe the price was just beyond your expectations? Well, then you must keep reading this article as we have 3 excellent stab wood mod choices for under $150! But first of all let’s see where stab wood mods come from!

The process of stabilizing wood

Stabilized wood is often used in high-end brand knives. Stabilizing is a process of infusing the pores and grain structure of wood with different chemicals. Unlike untreated wood, stab wood will not expand, swell, absorb water, darken, crack and warp over time. In addition, every single piece of stab wood mod is unique therefore no one else will have exactly the same mod.

Vape modders soon realized stabilized wood would be perfect for hand craft mods. This material is not only beautiful but also extremely resistant. However, those first hand craft mods were really expensive and unaffordable for most people.

In this video you can see how stab wood is processed.

The good news is that some vape manufactures, such as Arctic Dolphin, now launched affordable high-end stab wood mods! Here are the 3 options you might want to consider if you want to purchase a stab wood mod:

1. Arctic Dolphin Arthur 80W

Arctic Dolphin Arthur stab wood modArthur 80W is the latest box mod in stab wood by Arctic Dolphin.  Designed in the USA, this mod has a great finish and it features temperature control for Ti, Ni and SS wires. Arthur mod’s body is made in stabilized wood and the top of the mod is covered by a bright casing made of 304 stainless steel with advanced finish technology which is specially used for watch shell. Arctic Dolphin also improved the screen of this mod making it more user friendly, bigger and brighter that other previous versions. The best thing is that you can purchase it now for only $79 with code ADA79 here.  You can even go for a bundle deal that also includes GeekVape Illusion Mini sub tank ($96) with the same discount code.

2. Woody Vapes X200

Woody vapes stab wood modWoody Vapes X200 is possibly the best call for those who want a beautiful yet powerful box mod. Woody Vapes X200 has a magnet cover and a fire bottom in stab wood while the rest of the mod’s body is made in aviation aluminium alloy. Powered by two 18650 batteries, this mod is able to fire coils as low as 0.05 ohms and it features temperature control for Ti, Ni and SS wires. So if you prefer high wattage and longer battery life over compact size mods , then Woody Vapes might be the best option for you. Woody Vapes X200 is available for only $107 with the code AHG15 here!

3. Arctic Dolphin Adonis 80W/100W

Arctic Dolphin AdonisThis is the first stab wood mod launched by Arctic Dolphin. It is also powered by a single 18650 battery although it also available in a 26650 version with 100w here. Arctic Dolphin ADT-80TC Adonis was the first 80W stabilized wood box mod with temp control made in China. With max output 80W, Adonis supports Ti, Ni, Pt and SS wires. Adonis is available in black and silver frames although the stab wood color is completely random. Isn’t it what makes stab wood mods special and unique? It can read resistances as low as 0.06 ohms. Get Adonis Arctic Dolphin here for only $140 with code AHG15.


Whatever your choice for a stab wood mod is, always remember that -unlike other devices- you will be the only owner of a mod of this kind as the color patterns for stab wood will be always unique, just like your own finger print!



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