Five Useful Ways For You To Clean Your Atomizers


One feature of electronic cigarette is its reusable. This is one reason why people switch conventional cigarette to it. At least, this feature draws a large amount of people’s attention. When topic comes to reusable, one thing we should keep attention is its hygiene. We noticed some ecig users have found the flavor can be sweeter than before after many time using. It might indicate it’s time to clean your atomizers. Of course, change a new one can be the same effect.

Here we introduce you some tips to keep your atomizer clear which is easy to clean, awesome to experience:

Water is the nature solvent. Most things can dissolve in it. Using water to clean atomizer is same to washing clothes. The only difference is in hot water or warm one without detergent. Cause a high temperature can accelerate organic things’ dissolution velocity.

Strong flavor would remain in atomizer after water washing. There is a clean method inherited by generation after generations in China. We found it also can be applied in atomizer. Vinegar plays a key role in this washing mission. Drop a little bit vinegar in clear water, and lay your atomizer in it, then give 10 minutes heating. After that, the atomizer stays super clean.

Today, cola is not only a kind of drink, but also a kind of cooking material. Love your coca-cola chicken wings? Aha, a few inhaling pair with cola chicken wings, maybe it is an enjoyment. Before it, let’s clean e-cigarette first. Place the atomizer in a bottle of cola for 24 hours. Then wash it in running water. Quite a few steps make your atomizers a new look.

Vodka, the main ingredient of it is ethyl alcohol, this is another solvent next to water. But has a better effect in cleaning atomizers. A little drop vodka into your atomizer, press your finger on the mouth of it and shake with full strength. The smell and residual all go away.

Chemistry makes magic happen, physics can be healthier. Lean the atomizer on a clear tissue for 24 hours, the e-liquid residual will generally leak off, then clean it in running water. Smart way to re-new your ecig.

Easy, simple, less cost make a better vaping experience with your reusable atomizers. If you have any further doubt or cleaning method, please let us know without hesitation.



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