Eight Vaping Gadgets You Can’t Miss Out On!


If you’re reading this, you are probably a vape enthusiast and think you know a lot about vaping. Well… think again, because you are about to see 8 hot off the press vaping gadgets that most are not familiar with yet and let me tell you something, some of them are must haves!

1. Drumroll please….first up we have the PilotVape Coil Magician Tab. 

PilotVape Coil Magician TabThis is possibly the coolest vape gadget we are listing in this article. The Magician tab is as helpful as it can get as this little fella is an automatic coil master to DIY your own coils, an ohm & voltage meter, a coil building deck and a dry burning coil device… all-in-one! Powered by a 18650 battery, you can build all sorts of coils quickly and easily.  Don’t trust us? Just watch this video. This really is the ultimate vape gadget choice for DIY fans!

2. Next up we have the GeekVape Framed Staple Coil 2 In 1.

GeekVape Framed Staple CoilThis is not really a gadget… but if building your own fancy coils with the Macigian Tab is not really your thing, then you can just purchase the new coils by Geekvape and enjoy vaping like a boss. These premium Clapton coils are made from Kanthal (KA1) and wrapped in Nicrome (N80). They can withstand a higher wattage and shorter heat up time for quicker vapor production. Using the highest grade of materials increases durability and reduces carbon deposit. 2 kinds coils (8pcs in total) with a SS coil tool are included to center your coils perfectly!

3. Sick of piling up dirty tanks? Vaporesso Energystash Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Vaporesso Energystash Ultrasonic CleanerCleaning your tanks with no bother is now possible thanks to this device by Vaporesso. Especially designed for cleaning RTA, RDA, metal atomizer parts, screws, O-rings, glass tanks and drip tips. Being a vape enthusiast often envolves having a large collection of atomizers. The Ultrasonic cleaner will help you keep them all clean and neat as the day you took them out of the packaging. No more fiddling around with water and wipes – clean vaping made easy folks!

 4. And after cleaning we have the perfect product to store all tanks and vaping gadgets in!

 Demon killer acrylic storage box

If you are one of those vape enthusiasts who can’t really keep everything in one place, then you should definitely check out the Demon killer acrylic storage box. This is a great way to keep all your vaping gear neat and tidy. With multiple shelves, drawers and various sized boxes, the demon will become your new best friend. Never loose another coil, e-liquid or tool again and best of all no moaning from your partner about how messy your vaping room is!


5. Never stop vaping again: Energystash Portable Charger.

Vaporesso Energytash portable chargerIf you are always away or you just travel a lot, this portable charger from Vaporesso could be an excellent vaping gadget. This charger is available for charging 2 or 4 18650 batteries at the same time via a USB cable. You will never run out of battery again wherever you go. We all know how busy everyone is with work these days so this is the perfect solution! 

6. Double trouble here is the Avatar Reverse Charging Adapter

Avatar Reverse Charging AdapterAre you one of those people who panic when the battery level on your phone is going low? Well, your mod can now help you a lot when you are running out of battery. This is also a very handy vape gadget to own when traveling as you will not miss any important phone call or text message. Avatar is a reverse charging adapter that will convert Pico Dual’s 510 connection into a USB output power. Your mod will turn into power bank mode in just a blink of an eye! Just keep this vaping gadget as a key ring so you always have it next to you when you really need it! Nice, huh?

7. Well… if there was ever a device for Inspector Gadget himself the Avatar Vapenut (AVN-1) would be it!

Avatar Vapenut

This is an intelligent hardware device for e-cig vapor detection and elimination. It has a built-in smoke sensor that can detect vapor density in real time, adjust the fan speed for efficient removal of e-cig vapor, and bring more fun to e-cigarette users. The VapeNut features four modes that vary with speed and rate of filtration according to the density. The VapeNut air purifier can be used both indoors and in cars.

8. And last but not least…  the Starss Hand Spinner!

Hand spinner for stress

This is not really a vape gadget but rather a toy – but who doesn’t love a great toy! Especially when it can help you to reduce your stress level. This little spinner will help people quit smoking and decrease stress. It can also help vapers to reduce the amount of puff inhales as it relieves the anxiety caused by nicotine craving. These hand spinners are available with 2 or 3 spins. Check the wide selection of spinners with some seriously funky designs here!

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