ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit Preview | Wear Your Pod Mod on Your Wrist!

ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit
ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit

ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit Preview

Have you ever heard about a new vape brand called ACACIA? This new player on the vaping field just released their first product – the ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit. This pod system brings a new concept to vaping as it is the first device you can actually wear.

Yes, you heard that right. The ACACIA Q-Watch is a fashionable watch-like pod vape equipped with a 270 mAh built-in battery! Looks like something you might be interested in? Then you have to keep on reading our post!

ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit
ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit

Unboxing the ACACIA Q-Watch

Let’s unbox the ACACIA Q-Watch before we get into more details about the first watch-like pod! The Q-Watch from ACACIA comes in a rectangular white box with the following goodies:

• The Q-Watch Battery
• Q-Watch Cartridge (built-in coil)
• Wristband
• USB Cable
• User Manual

Price: Less than $40
Colors available: Red, Blue, Black and Green

Getting to know the ACACIA Q-Watch

The Q-Watch is a portable and compact pod mod kit made of zinc alloy. The mod battery has a rectangular shape with rounded edges. The device perfectly fits inside the wristband which you can easily wear as if it was an e-watch. Made in PC material, the wristband for the Q-Watch looks comfortable and durable.

ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit
ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit

The mod battery has a tiny centrally located screen. In this screen you can also check the time, so the design of the pod also acts as a real watch. Once you feel like vaping from it, you just need to pull it out of the wristband and puff. The device is draw-activated so there are no buttons. There is just a USB port in one side of the device to charge the battery via USB cable.

This pod system looks similar in shape to the VOOPOO FINIC fish. The cartridge is located in one of the corners and it clicks in. The cartridge has a small hole where you can vape from. According to the manufacturer, this device is able to handle 220 puffs before running out of battery. That should be enough to keep you vaping all day long, unless you are a true vapeholic. The battery needs 45 minutes to be fully changed and similar to other pod mods, and it features led lights for battery indications.

The Q-Watch Cartridge

The Q-Watch comes with one refillable cartridge that has a built-in coil and 1.1 ml capacity. This cartridge features a 1.5 ohm ceramic coil with honeycomb design. It is made of food-graded and environmentally friendly materials. According to the manufacturer, this pod can be refilled with both salt nicotine and regular e-juice, although we would not recommend using any high VG e-liquid in this pod.

ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit Video 

Final Thoughts about the ACACIA Q-Watch 

The first watch-like vape in the market is an interesting idea that might be appealing for some technology geeks. The design is modern and sleek, and it is a good way of hiding your vape in places where you want to be unnoticed.

The cartridge included looks promising. However, there is only one option, the 1.5 ceramic coil. We tried ceramic coils in some pod mods before, and they certainly provide good flavor. But maybe it would have been nice to see more coil options and larger battery capacity. So this should be something to consider when purchasing this product.

Pod mod manufacturers are constantly trying to bring some innovations to be able to outstand from their competitors. It is not an easy task to come up with something new when it comes to pod systems. So the question now is, would you wear your vape as if it was a modern watch? Is the ACACIA Q-Watch Pod Kit something that you’ll get your hands on? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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