Ways About How to Achieve Huge Vapor Production


How to achieve huge vapor

So now you are more familiar with electronic cigarettes and vaping, one thing that will increasingly arouse your interest is the ‘cloud culture’ associated with vaping, (something that can not be achieved from smoking traditional tobacco). Vapor cloud, big or small, is an important indicator for the quality of your vaping products. So how can you achieve a huge vapor cloud that will have all chasers envious? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered – just keep reading!

Your PG/VG e-liquid proportion

E-liquid is indeed an important contributing factor to the clouds. If you want to get huge clouds, then e-liquid with a high VG would be a perfect choice, containing more than 60% proportion of VG.

Atomizer coil resistance

Under the same current and voltage, the lower the resistance, the greater the current is, thus speeding up the e-liquid heating, resulting in huge vapor. With e-cigarrette technologies’ becoming more and more mature, atomizer resistance can reach a very low value. Many vaping brands successively introduced sub ohm atomizers, such as Atlantis 2 from Aspire, Eleaf Melo 2 and Smok subohm VCT pro. Some cloud chasers even build extremely sub ohm coils (as low as 0.1ohm). But we don’t encourage beginners to go that far initially.

Battery voltage and current

The vapor amount is also related to the battery’s voltage and current. When the current and resistance remain unchanged, the greater the voltage is, the bigger the vapor cloud is. In today’s e-cigar market, batteries with VV/VW function are not rare. Taking advantage of these convenient functions, you can easily switch to get a huge vapor production or just a decent one for different occasions. Heaven gifts also have a great range of VV/VW batteries in store.

In addition, vapor amount also will also differ depending on a person’s lung capacity. When using a high power box mod e-cigar, the vaper with a greater lung capacity can inhale vaporized e-liquid deeper into his lungs and then exhale huge vapor clouds.

So there you go! The above factors will help you produce big vapor clouds with your device and impress everyone on a night out for sure!



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