Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank

Hello there again. My name is Daniel Marcus and today I’m back with another review of a vapey product for you great people. Today we are gonna be taking a look at a very unique Sub-Ohm tank, the Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank. This is one of the first Sub-Ohm Tanks made with top airflow and has some very different coils. Don’t let me spoil everything here, let’s break it down.

Ample Mace-X Tank Specs

  • Size: 24.5 x 43.7mm(2ml)/24.5 x 50.2mm(3.7ml)
  • Capacity: 2ml/3.7ml(can be extended to 5.7ml with bulb tube)
  • Coil: ADC-XF1 0.27ohm, 35-90W/best 50-75W
  • Drip tip: 810
  • Thread: 510 thread

Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm TankAmple Mace-X Tank Contents & Features

  • All-new ADC-XF1 0.27ohm coil
  • Extendable e-liquid capacity (3.7ml to 5.7ml)
  • Easy top filling design
  • Adjustable top airflow
  • 810 drip tip


The Ample Mace-X tank comes in a tank sized box wrapped in a sleeve with a glossy picture of the tank on the front and on the back is a parameters of tank, a contents list and the color of your tank is check marked to show you what you have.

Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank

Slide that sleeve off and you find a black box with a canvas feel to it. It has a shinny “Ample” on the top of the lid. Lift the lid off and your presented with the Ample Mace-X tank, a bubble glass and a spare coil. If you take that tray out, you find a Mace-X instructions manual, a set of black o-rings and a black drip tip. These black o-rings and drip tip are replacements but also a color option in case you want to change the look of the Mace-X tank.

Ample Mace-X Tank

At the top, this tank comes with a yellow 810 drip tip that has o-rings on the drip tip, not embedded in the top. So the Eleaf style 810 fits here, not the Goon style.

A black version is also included with the accessories so that’s changeable as you see fit. The top cap has some nice knurling that provides grip and makes it easy to take the cap off. The bottom of the cap is flat and has a gasket around the inside side top edge of the tank the seals the cap. The threads are very smooth. The fill ports are very large and recessed down so if you miss the fill port, it won’t make a mess.

Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank

Around that fill port section is the airflow ring because this tank is top airflow. It’s spins freely without a start stop and says Ample on one side and Mace on the other and has enough resistance to not move without being twisted. Moving down you have a have an option of a pre-installed straight glass holding 3.7ml of ejuice or a bubble glass accessory you can switch to that holds 5.7ml.

The Coils

Having top airflow isn’t the most unique thing about this Sub-Ohm tank. The coils themselves are very unique. Instead of having a air hole going through the center of the wicking with the heating element passing the airflow through the coil. The Ample Mace-X tank is very different.

Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank

The bottom section is one solid chunk of cotton with wicking holes in the bottom to keeping the cotton saturated. The top of the coil has a flat round heating element. It’s like a notch coil laid out flat or I’ve heard it called a stove coil before. Both included coils are 0.27 ohms and rated between 35-90 watts.

Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank Performance

The Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm tank can produce tons of flavor and vapor. I was doubting the coils making lots of vapor at first with the way the coils positioned to the airflow.

Air comes down a chamber in the chimney and shoots air onto the top of the coil where the “stove top” heating element is located. Vapor then comes back up the center and out the drip tip.

Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank

The first tank I ran through the coil, I was almost getting to dense of vapor in my mouth. Like I was tasting the juice and not vapor but, it wasn’t spitting. Just seemed to make extremely dense vapor.

After the first tank, it seemed to smooth out and not give me that taste anymore like juice and tasted like good vapor. I used this tank extensively for days straight and I didn’t have any issues with flavor going away and not leaking of course because of top airflow.

Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm Tank Video Review


The Ample Mace-X Sub-Ohm tank is definitely worth checking out. I was afraid of this coil style not working out but to my surprise, it gave intense flavor and lots of vapor. It’s also nice to start seeing Sub-Ohm tanks using top airflow. We’ve all had enough leaking and it’s time for technology to move us out of the stone ages. I also thought that large junk of cotton would run your tank dry of juice quickly but it wasn’t that fast. This tank actually impressed me on multiple levels. With the first generation of these coils working so well, I think future stuff from Ample will probably be pretty nice.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. I will be back soon with more reviews and articles and I hope everyone has a great day!

Daniel Marcus

Daniel Marcus

Daniel Marcus is an vape reviewer, vape photographer and coil builder. After smoking for 16 years, got a vape just because I couldn’t smoke in the company car and ended up quitting smoking without even trying. After seeing how effective vaping can be, I’ve spent the past two years trying to help new vapers with beginner problems do they don’t get frustrated and smoke again I’ve written reviews for over a year now. I’ve lived in wv all of my life and like taking vape pictures with a nature backdrop.