Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit Review

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

Artery Nugget X Introduction 

The Artery Nugget X Kit, made by Artery Vapor, includes the Nugget X Box Mod of a 2000mAh internal battery at 50W max and the AT22 sub-ohm tank of 22mm-diameter with a 2ml-liquid capacity. Although considered as a Starter Kit, it’s beyond that, as you’ll realize.

Colours available:

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

Specifications & Features

Nugget X MOD Specs 

  • Size: 36.6 x 23 x 58mm
  • Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Wattage range: 5-50W
  • Voltage range: 0.5-8V
  • Temp range: 200℉-600℉/100℃-315℃
  • Modes: VV/VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS/TCR)/Bypass
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3Ω
  • Thread: 510

Nugget X MOD Features

  • Variable Wattage Range: 5-50W
  • Battery: Internal 2000mAh
  • Minimum Resistance 0.1Ω
  • Large Display Screen
  • Adjustable TCR
  • Quick Charge
  • Upgradeable Firmware
  • Protections/warnings: low-voltage, short-circuit, low-resistance, low-battery

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

AT22 Tank Specs and Features 

  • Size: 22mm-diameter x 39mm (w/o thread)
  • Liquid apacity: 2ml
  • Coil-head: 0.3Ω (at 25-45W)
  • Thread: 510
  • 2ml-liquid Capacity
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Top Cap Refilling

Artery Nugget X Packaging List 


Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

  • NUGGET X Mod
  • AT22 Tank
  • a spare coil (AL1B-1) of 0.3Ω at 25-45W
  • a spare glass tube
  • a bag of spare orings
  • a micro-usb cable
  • the manuals

Artery Nugget X Design Characteristics & Usability

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

The Artery Nugget X Kit is promoted as of perfect size, with a golden ratio for WxLxD. Aesthetically is intriguing, at least. The Kit can be hidden in your palm discreetly. Size-wise is not just small… it’s tiny (almost as small as a matchbox). But, it’s not that tiny to be uncomfortably held in your palm during operation/vaping, although the mod’s edges are not rounded enough. Its weight feels just right in your hand. The fact that such a compact size mod hosts an able 2000mAh internal battery makes it at least interesting, at first.


It hosts a clear 0.96inch B+W OLED screen (quite large for such a tiny mod) equipped with a user-friendly streamlined interface-menu, which also gives descriptions of actions on buttons-combination pressing. It is designed with the appropriate form factor and display layout for being easily readable (although not so bright under sunlight). It is an informative, but not cluttered display, displaying more than the necessary for a starter kit (including firing profile, applied wattage, battery life, build resistance and puff timer).

The screen’s size/layout, the menu and the corresponding simplified interfacing along with the mod’s close-positioned buttons, allow mod’s selections/adjustments only with your thumb while held inside your palm.

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

It is equipped with various safety functions: Overcharge, overheat, short-circuit, low-voltage, check atomizer, new atomizer and puff’s cut-out (10sec). Once the battery’s power is not enough for the set power, the screen flickers 3 times and the output power lowers automatically.

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

It can be fast charged with 1.5A (next to the micro-usb port there is a small red LED that turns-off when fully charged). It is firmware upgradeable, too (there is a first upgrade).

It supports the usual modes of operation: VW, VV, TC (Ni/Ti/SS/TCR) and Bypass mode, accessible with 3 fire-button clicks through the “Workmode setting” menu and selected, as usually, with the +/- buttons (accept with a fire-button click).

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

Note: the device has an “auto power-off” (“stand-by” actually) function, after 10sec of not using it (for battery saving). To vape after that, just keep pressing the fire button, but keep in mind that the very first 2 seconds of fire button’s pressing are “lost” for system’s “wake-up”. For battery saving also, the screen turns-off after 30sec.

It also allows “pass-through” operation (vaping while charging).

In power mode (Variable Wattage-VW), beside the normal power mode, you can also choose 3 storable custom power curves (named “PMG”-Power Multiple Graph) for adjusting the wattage per second of your puffs duration. Just click the fire button when the “Power” choice is highlighted on the “Workmode Setting” menu. Select (with +/- buttons one of the 3 available PMG modes and accept with fire button. Then, adjust power of each second with +/- buttons and accept with a fire-button click (it moves to the next second for its adjustment). Finally, exit with long pressing fire button.

In Temperature Control (TC) mode, you can choose between the usual factory-preset specific TC modes for Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti) coils or choose the TCR mode (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance), where you manually set the TCR value of the TC-wire you use, the wattage limit and the temperature limit. Temperature degrees change round robin from oF to oC (and vice-versa) by long pressing +/- buttons.

In Variable Voltage (VV) mode, you operate it as a good old simple voltage-mode mod.

In Bypass mode, you operate it as a mechanical mod (based on the “raw” battery’s power without regulator’s chip switching), but under a regulated mod’s safety features.

Details on button combinations for operating the NUGGET X mod (even the procedure of firmware updating) can be found in the informative, very detailed (and well-written in English) manual from the “download” page of the manufacturer’s website.

In most cases, you don’t have to know anything about the button-combinations actions, in the first place. Just try them and read on the display the actions to be expected!

For firmware upgrading, the downloaded compressed file includes detailed instructions of the upgrading procedure (but not information on what it is actually upgraded).

The AT22 Tank

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

The 22mm-diameter AT22 tank of 2ml-liquid capacity features an easy top-refilling system, adjustable bottom airflow and head-coils (AL1-B) operating from 25W up to 45W.

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

It must be noted that AL1-B coil-heads are using SS-wire, making thus the NUGGET X Kit suitable for starting vapers who want to learn vaping with TC also, besides using it on Power mode. At first, they can select the factory-present TC-SS mode and start learning to adjust/lock wattage and temperature to test each of their favourite liquids (with which they already know what flavour/taste to expect).

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

All these show that the kit is more than suitable for starting vapers who want to go deeper into vaping performance’s checks with different modes and adjustments, testing different kinds of liquids.

Artery Nugget X Performance

The Artery Nugget X Kit is an excelling combination of portability, style, build quality and performance. As a starting kit it performs more than adequately (the amount of vapour produced is more than that of a starter kit). It’s suitable for loose MTL to strict DTL vaping styles.

Although tiny, it can be considered powerful. It can output up to “almost” 50 watts of power on the coil-heads of the accompanying clearomizer (a respectable spec from such a tiny mod).

If you’re more “demanding”, you may find a little annoying:

  • its small delay (2sec) in firing from waking-up (from stand-by),
  • the wattage displayed on the main screen in PMG mode that always remains at 50W (even with the updated firmware), although it actually fires with the wattage you have adjusted.

The AT22 tank (with its coil-heads tightly-screwed on the base) provides leakage-proof use. It easily opens from top for refilling. You can’t change the coil-head with liquid inside the tank. The AT22 has over-sized air holes for the wattage provided by the NUGGET X mod (try the AT22 on a higher wattage mod). The airflow, besides being too airy, is also noisy when fully open. Start from almost less than a quarter of its air hole open at 25W. Thanks to its SS-coil-heads, you can also vape with TC mode.

The kit’s flavour leans towards a flavour’s intensity profile (not flavour’s integration and too far away from flavour’s analysis). Use from 50/50 to 70/30 VG/PG liquids to get more out of the coil-heads at the available wattage range. Coil-head’s lifespan (considering flavour consistency also) reduces with higher wattage use and higher-VG percentage liquids. For flavour integration and longer battery usage, try another 22mm-diameter clearomizer, with higher coil-head’s resistance and smaller coil’s inner diameter.

A fully charged battery can provide you with more than 800 seconds of chain-vaping puffs at 25W.


Ladies First!

Aesthetics/style-wise the kit is excelling, especially for ladies. It doesn’t either occupy much space in your small night-purse, out on a dinner. It is discreet (small) in your palm, but distinctive. Build quality is immaculate. The overall feel of the kit is remarkable, as it doesn’t feel cheap. It feels comfortably sitting in your palm, although you might have wished its edges to be more rounded. Using it is easy.

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

Size Comparison

Check the size comparison of NUGGET X mod with the Pico and the Cuboid Lite:

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit

Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit




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