Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit Review | A New Game Changing Pod Kit

Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit Review
Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit

Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit Review

Hey, there guys, the Beardey Vaper is back with a new review and this is an exciting one from Artery and the man who brought the game-changing Pulse to the business, Mr. Tony B the awesome YouTube reviewer! So, today we’re looking at the Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit, and it’s something just a little bit different.

Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit
Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit

Artery Pal II Packing List 

In the box, you get the device (always handy), one pod which can hold 3ml of e-liquid (2ml if you’re in the EU), 2 coils (which I’ll talk about later), a couple of new plugs for the pod and then a USB cable for charging.

Initial Impressions on the Artery Pal II

Now by the looks of this thing, it’s just great. It’s a sleek aluminum box with a rectangular angled drip tip sticking out the top, which is actually very comfortable to use. The back panel is held on with a couple of magnets and pops off to fill with e-liquid and remove your pod if needs be. This brings me on to removing the pod which can be a bit of a pain, once you have the hang of it then it’s fine, but you feel like you’re going to break the thing the first few times you try. It requires a push and then pull out which feels odd, but works pretty well once you have the hang of it and keeps the pod really secure in the device.

Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit
Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit

How to use the Artery Pal II pod starter kit?

Using the device is so simple. There’s one small well-placed button which turns the device on and off with 5 clicks and is the button you press to vape. You fill with e-liquid, pop the back panel back on and then away you go.

The Performance of the Artery Pal II

The pod takes 2 different coils, a 0.6-ohm mesh coil and a 1.2 ohm MTL coil. Now I’m not an MTL vaper, but I tried it out just for the purposes of this review and it performs really well, and if that’s your style of vaping, I’m sure it’ll work perfectly for you. Now, the mesh coil, for something so tiny, it is pretty amazing, the air flow is fantastic and the flavour and cloud production for a device that you can comfortably hide in a closed hand blows my mind. The housing for the coil contains the airflow control ring, which you can close down or open up pretty wide with a simple twist.

Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit Review
Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit

Filling the pod can be a bit of a pain when it’s housed in the device. Even though the pod itself is translucent with no light getting through due to the aluminum frame of the device, it can be a bit of a struggle to find your e-liquid levels. Which has resulted in me nearly overfilling and pouring liquid over the device, so just be careful! Other than that using the device is an absolute pleasure, and it’s become my go-to device for work when I don’t want to be blowing huge clouds in my office.

Now, as the device is so tiny, it obviously isn’t packing a huge battery, but the 1000mAh one it contains really holds up well with normal usage. I can get most of a day out of it with the tiny LED changing colour to red as the battery gives out.

Pros & Cons of the Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit


  • Tiny size fits in your palm
  • Vapor production and flavor are amazing
  • Very simple to use
  • Great battery life for a tiny device
  • Effective MTL and restricted DL mouthpiece
  • The added pleasure of an adjustable airflow
  • Scratch proof finish


  • Can be awkward to fill
  • Maybe could hold more e-liquid

Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit Video Review


So, in conclusion, I absolutely love the Artery Pal II Pod Starter Kit. It’s so simple to use and the flavor and cloud production is great. Tony B is a man who really knows what he’s doing. My God, he’s knocked it out of the park once again!

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