10 Battery Safety Tips to Keep You Protected

Battery Safety Tips
10 Battery Safety Tips to Keep You More Protected

10 Battery Safety Tips You May Not Know

I am sure you have heard the horror stories of vapes exploding in people’s faces, or seen some post on social media where this actually happens, along with some horrific photos that made you think twice about getting a vape. This was one of my work colleague’s reasons for not buying a vape, after explaining to him more than once that this is a rare occurrence (about 1 in 10 million according to Battery University) and that it is 100% avoidable if one has some knowledge about battery safety, he still smokes cigarettes to this day as if they are less life threatening than vapes.

Battery Safety Tips
Battery Safety Tips

A vape battery is no different than any other battery that you use daily, like the one in your phone, computer, tablet. My colleague certainly did not worry about bringing a phone device near his face? The difference is, your phone battery uses custom-made lithium ions that are made specifically to meet your device’s demands. Where with vape batteries it has become a trend to tweak and customize the vaping device for more power or smoke clouds. Using the wrong/faulty/cheap batteries with a wrong/faulty/cheap device, is playing with fire, and don’t be surprised if you get burned.

Batteries range from internal (otherwise known as integrated) to removable batteries. In this article the focus will be on removable batteries, as they are widely used. Following these battery safety tips may keep you more protected.

1. Removable Batteries

These batteries are economical and convenient. If you are a passionate vaper, like myself, you may own two batteries and swap them regularly. I do this when one of the batteries is drained and needs to charge. When a removable battery has reached the end of its useful life, you don’t have to invest in a brand new vape, as you can only replace the battery.

2. The Real Deal

Battery Safety Tips
Battery Safety Tips

Always make sure that you buy authentic batteries. In this case, fake it until you make it is not the way to go. How can you be certain that you are buying a real battery? Always use trusted, reputable brands. They won’t sell fake or cheap batteries.

3. Charging Rules

Be familiar with the way that your specific device should charge. Some devices make never-ending smoking possible, as you can use the device while it is reviving battery power. Other devices have an external charger and you have to remove the battery before you can recharge it. I personally own a device similar to the latter. I have two batteries, which makes it possible for me to swap them when needed.

4. Correct Battery

Stay informed of the type of battery that your device should be using when you replace the battery. Some vapes are more compatible with ICR batteries, while others function better with LiPo batteries. The golden rule is to ensure that you always use the same type of battery in your vape.

5. Smart Charger

Battery Safety Tips
Battery Safety Tips

We recommend getting one of these bad boys. It comes with a lot of safety features. For example, after the batteries are fully charged it turns off automatically and avoids overcharging, or discharging. Thus avoiding the risk of any sort of “explosion”.

6. Quality Vapes

There are a lot of affordable, quality vapes that are made by reputable brands. No need to buy the cheapest one, remember that your safety may be at risk! Buying a good quality vape will greatly reduce the risk of any explosion.

7. Battery Cases

When traveling, it’s essential to keep your batteries in a battery case. When batteries are carried loose in a backpack or in a bag it can be hazardous, as the batteries can complete a circuit between positive and negative, if it comes in contact with any metal-like material (e.g. car keys, loose change.)

8. Charging Cables

Much like phone chargers that reduce charging speed when using the wrong charger for the device, vapes are similar. Always use the specific charger that came with your vape. Using other chargers with different voltages can cause your device to overheat.

9. Damaged Batteries

Battery Safety Tips
Battery Safety Tips

When your vape’s batteries don’t seem to operate your device like it did in the past, or if the wrap appears frayed or damaged, it might be time to get a new set. Don’t take any chances using faulty batteries. Dispose of them safely.

10. Charging Batteries

Although most mods are designed with a “cut-off point” we recommend keeping an eye on your device. Try avoiding flammable materials like curtains or pillows etc. and check on it regularly to avoid overcharging. Also try not to leave your mod in direct sunlight, even when it’s not charging.


The best way to ensure that you and those around you are safe is to stay informed. Research is the answer when it comes to battery safety and knowing your vape. Handling and using your vape with the necessary care will make the experience of vaping an enjoyable one.

Xander Cloete

Xander Cloete

I am a small business owner in South Africa. I am passionate about educating the public about the health benefits of vaping in my free-time. As a former smoker, I have personal experience about the differences between smoking cigarettes and vaping. The moment that I learnt about vaping, I became obsessed with the idea and since then I can honestly say that I’m physically healthier and socially more comfortable. The blog of Heaven Gifts has given me a platform to share my thoughts about vaping.