Best CBD Vape Pen 2019 | 6 Best CBD Vape Pens Available Right Now

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

What is a CBD Vape Pen? 

If you are a CBD e-juice lover, you will know about the CBD vape pen, which is a pen-shaped vaporizer ideal for vaping the CBD oil. Typically, CBD vape pens can be divided into two categories: refillable CBD vape pens and disposable CBD vape pens.

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019
Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

The refillable CBD vape pens usually come in various styles, and most of them are relatively discreet. The disposable CBD vape pens, however, are a more convenient and cheaper way for vapers to start vaping CBD e-juice right away compared with the refillable CBD vape pens.

In today’s article, we’ll take a close look at the best refillable and disposable CBD vape pens that you can buy right now.

Before going further, we would like to remind you that all the vape devices listed here have already been tested carefully by the trained and paid staff from Heaven Gifts. As the world’s leading supplier of vape products, the Heaven Gifts team always commits themselves to meet the satisfaction of their customers and hopes they can be informed about the latest and best vape devices currently so that they can vape in a whole new level.

Without further ado, let’s dive into today’s main topic: what’s the best CBD vape pen in 2019?

Best CBD Vape Pen – 1. Mig Vapor Morpheus

The Morpheus is one of the most powerful CBD vape pens to date.

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019
Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

With 100 watts of power output, the vape pen is capable of using either 0.2 or 0.4-ohm coils and can produce more than enough delicious flavour and clouds.

As a mighty vape pen, the 3 ml tank of the Morpheus can be filled with any CBD e-juice of your choice, perfect for medium-strength CBD liquids.

You can charge this vape pen via USB, which comes with a 3000 mAh battery to ensure you have a long-lasting vaping experience.

With a compact size, sleek design, durable build and exceptional performance, this lightweight and portable vape pen are definitely worth buying.

Best CBD Vape Pen – 2. Vaporesso Orca Solo 

The Vaporesso Orca Solo is an advanced all-in-one vape pen, ideal for high strength CBD e-juice.

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019
Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

Designed with simplicity and travel-friendly in-mind, this vape pen features 1.5 ml tank capacity, intelligent OMNI Board Mini, direct voltage based output, a colourful LED light battery indicator, an adjustable airflow system, threaded top-fill design and 1A micro-USB charging port, very easy to operate.

The Vaporesso Orca Solo also comes with an 800mAh rechargeable battery, flash heat system, single button firing mechanism, a 1.3ohm OC CCELL Coil, a 1.3ohm OC Coil, and tons of safety protection features to ensure you have an enjoyable vaping experience. Available in black, silver, gunmetal, green, pink, rainbow, and purple for you to choose from.

A great little vape pen for CBD e-juice. It’s small and compact but does not lack any power that many small pens lack.

Best CBD Vape Pen – 3. Kandypens Rubi

The Kandypens Rubi is another vape pen ideal for high-strength CBD e-juices.

Made by Kandypens, which is well-known for their dependable vape pens, the RUBI comes with a 280 mAh rechargeable battery and 1 ml refillable pods with flavorful ceramic coils.

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019
Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

In addition, the Kandypens RUBI features an LED battery indicator, universal Micro-USB charging port, leak-proof pod design with no spit back, 8-second auto-shut off, dual airflow with an air carb, air activated (no power button), and temperature regulated.

Love the Rubi pen. Tiny, lightweight, turns on instantly. Can’t think of anything that should be improved!

Best CBD Vape Pen – 4. CBDfx Vape Pen

If you are looking for a CBD vape pen that comes with all you need to get started, then you need to look no further than the CBDfx. This is a disposable vape pen which is ready to use out of the box, without any refilling or charging.

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019
Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

With 30mg of pure CBD per pen, the CBDfx provides vapers with a potent dose of CBD, perfect for those who are on the go or have active lifestyles. Besides, the disposable vape pen comes with a battery which is powerful enough for a few hundred puffs.

Absolutely love this CBD vape pen. It is a very smooth hit and tastes great and smooth and great taste also last a long time.

Best CBD Vape Pen – 5. Mig Vapor Bug RX

Let’s take a look at the 5th vape pen for CBD in our list – the Mig Vapor Bug RX. If you are like me who don’t prefer a big bulky setup, then you may be interested in this vape pen.

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019
Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

As a single-button device designed for vaping CBD oils, the Bug RX vape pen features a battery with a capacity of 1100mAh. 510-threading, a maximum output of 22W, and temperature regulated, so the battery is compatible with other 510 pre-filled cartridges.

Besides, the Mig Vapor Bug RX comes with a tank which can hold 1.2ml of e-liquid, a pre-installed 1.2ohm coil in the tank, a single power/firing button, a USB port next to the button for charging, and an LED ring around the switch.

Definitely, love this pen! It was easy to use straight out of the box. Sleek and discreet, works well with most CBD products.

Best CBD Vape Pen – 6. SR-72 Vape Pen

The last vape pen for CBD oils that is worth trying in our list.

Best CBD Vape Pen 2019
Best CBD Vape Pen 2019

This easy-to-use vape pen comes with a 1300mAh battery. With an output 4.2V, a 3ml tank, a LED indicator ring around the central button, and a BVC clearomizer tank.

What is BVC? The BVC means bottom vertical coil, which absorbs e-juice better compared with horizontal coil and can produce better-tasting vapour clouds.

A superb little pen, an excellent choice for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapers and ex-smokers who are looking for an affordable, dependable entry into vaping.


Thank you for reading our list of the best CBD vape pen in 2019. Hopefully, this list can be helpful while you are looking for you next vape device for CBD. Since there are so many vape pens for CBD on the market right now, our team cannot try them all. Thus, there is no doubt that this list will miss some great ones. If you’ve used some CBD vape pens that leave such a deep impression and you think they deserve a place in our list. Please don’t hesitate to comment below to let us know and we’ll update this list very soon. Thanks again!



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