Best MTL Tanks (Mouth-to-Lung Tanks) 2020 | Top 8 MTL Tanks on the Market Now

Best MTL Tanks (Mouth-to-Lung Tanks) 2019

Best MTL Tanks 2020 

MTL tanks are vape devices that provide vapers with a cigarette-like experience. Generally, MTL tanks are used with high-strength nicotine e-liquid. They are very popular among vapers because of their concentrated flavor and restrictive airflow. Different from the sub-ohm tanks, the MTL tanks employ higher-ohm coils which run on less wattage and do not produce massive clouds.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

With the rapid development of vape technology, many manufacturers begin producing MTL tanks so it is quite easy to buy an MTL tank from online stores or physical stores near your community. However, the quality of MTL tanks varies greatly and it is really hard for the vapers, especially the beginners, to find an MTL tank that works best for them. So today we’ve put together this guide with the aim of helping them to find the best MTL tanks available in 2020.

Before we go further, let’s figure out what is MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping? 

MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping refers to a type of inhaling. When a person vapes in a mouth-to-lung style, he or she draws the vapor into his or her mouth and then holds it in the mouth before inhaling it into the lungs.

Best MTL Tanks (Mouth-to-Lung Tanks) 2019
MTL Vaping

Please note that all MTL tanks listed on this page have been tested by the trained and experienced staff of Heaven Gifts, one of the largest vape products suppliers in the world. They are all vape experts with a lot of experience and have been vaping for years, to make sure these vape tanks are outstanding in performance and are worth every penny you spend on them.

So here comes our list of best MTL (mouth-to-lung) tanks 2020. 

Best MTL Tanks – 1. Innokin Zlide 

Innokin has put out some excellent MTL tanks over the years, and the Zlide is the latest MTL tank from them.

Measuring 22mm in diameter, this MTL tank is primarily made of superior stainless steel with a juice capacity of 2ml. Besides, the Innokin Zlide Tank features top refill system, removable sliding top cap, detachable structure, locking 510 proprietary drip tip and works great with 0.48ohm Kanthal 3D Mesh Coil and 1.6ohm Kanthal Coil.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

My new favorite MTL tank now. An outstanding tank for MTL lovers! Works great, tastes great and never leaks!

Innokin Zlide MTL Tank’s Pros & Cons 


  • Well built
  • Good looks
  • Easy to swap coil
  • Decent vapor
  • Great flavor
  • Many coil options
  • Very affordable
  • Easy and clean
  • Smooth airflow


  • 2ml capacity can be small sometimes

Best MTL Tanks – 2. Aspire Nautilus 2S

The Aspire Nautilus 2S MTL Tank is the newest reiteration of the ever-popular Nautilus Tank and it earns a spot as one of the best MTL Tanks on the market for its versatility and top-notch quality.

With a tank capacity of 2.6ml, this tank is primarily made of superior stainless steel with a diameter of 23mm. In addition, this MTL tank features threaded and push style fill system, child resistant top cap, adjustable bottom airflow, detachable structure and 510 elongated MTL-style drip tip and works well with 0.4ohm Nautilus BVC Coil and 1.8ohm Nautilus BVC Coil.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

If you love the Nautilus 2, this is a worthwhile upgrade. The ability to top fill without unscrewing the whole top tank is fantastic, and the larger capacity is awesome. The new drip tip provides improved flavor, too.

Aspire Nautilus 2S MTL Tank’s Pros & Cons 


  • Love the children resistant top cap
  • Easy to refill
  • Reliable coils
  • Nice tight draw
  • Clean and quiet airflow
  • Solid construction
  • Hits really well
  • Great MTL tank for smokers who want to quit


  • It doesn’t have quite as good of airflow as some of the other sub-ohm options

Best MTL Tanks – 3. Innokin Zenith

The Innokin Zenith is manufactured by Innokin and designed by Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis. This MTL tank is specially designed to bring you a flavor-focused vaping experience with a user-friendly structure as well. This tank is 23mm in diameter, beautifully designed with a metal sleeve exterior to protect the 4mL glass reservoir.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

It features a unique twist-to-open top-filling method. Airflow enters the Zenith MTL Tank via four adjustable airways located at the base, each measuring a different diameter for precision fine-tuning for desired airflow pull. The Innokin Zenith MTL Tank is a perfect platform for flavor chasers and MTL enthusiasts.

Innokin Zenith’s Pros & Cons 


  • Very easy to use
  • Great coil performance
  • Good coil longevity
  • Outstanding flavor
  • No leaking problem
  • Easy to swap coils
  • Large e-juice capacity (4 ml)
  • Affordable price
  • The top fill is excellent.


  • Some might find the looks outdated.

Best MTL Tanks – 4. Hellvape Hellbeast 

The Hellbeast Sub-ohm Tank from the well-known vape manufactuer Hellvape takes the 4th spot in our list of the best MTL tanks thanks to its great flavor and vapor production.

As the fruit of the collaboration between Hellvape and Beyond Vape, the Hellvape Hellbeast measures 24mm in diameter with a standard capacity of 4ml and a max of 4.3ml. Formed from superior Stainless Steel, this sleek vape tank enjoys a great build quality, very durable and sturdy. Besides, its airflow system offers two types of style, implementing a dual cyclops AFC ring for cloud-chasing effect with MTL airflow option available for a greater amount of customization.

Furthermore, the versatile vape tank is compatible with TFV8 Baby, NRG GT & Nautilus Coils, featuring push-sliding top-fill system, detachable structure, a 810 Widebore Drip Tip, a 510 MTL Drip Tip, a 510 Drip Tip Adapter and 510 connection.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

If you’re looking for a new sub-ohm tank, I would highly recommend getting a Hellbeast. The coil options alone are reason enough to buy it. In addition, the MTL conversion works flawlessly.

Hellvape Hellbeast Sub-ohm Tank’s Pros & Cons 


  • MTL Drip Tip & airflow option
  • DTL & MTL function
  • Solid build quality
  • Compatible with TFV8 Baby, NRG GT & Nautilus Coils
  • Secure top-fill port
  • Incredible flavor
  • Great vapor production
  • Fantastic low price


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Thirsty coils

Best MTL Tanks – 5. Aspire Nautilus 2

The Aspire Nautilus 2 is one of the latest MTL tanks from the well-known vape manufacturer Aspire.

It takes all the advantages of its predecessors, the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini, and adds top-filling capacity. This MTL tank comes with an e-juice capacity of 2 ml and employs a pre-installed 0.7ohm BVC coil with the bottom airflow adjuster to fine tune your vaping needs.

Thanks to its shorter chimney, which minimizes airflow travel and provides a better flavor experience, you will be able to enjoy the best out of your e-juice. Besides, the Aspire Nautilus 2 is compatible with the coils of other Nautilus tanks.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

Aspire Nautilus 2’s Pros & Cons 


  • Compact in size
  • Great flavor
  • Perfect airflow for MTL vaping
  • Protected glass
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Takes both 0.7 ohm and original 1.8-ohm Nautilus coils
  • Awesome air flow
  • Decent price


  • Small e-juice capacity

Best MTL Tanks – 6. Vaporesso Drizzle 

Vaporesso is one of the premier innovators of e-cigarette products who focuses on delivering the latest technology in vaping. Their Vaporesso Drizzle MTL Tank earns a spot in this list thanks to its accurate and clean flavor, great throat hit and sizeable vapor for an MTL device.

This beautifully crafted MTL tank is primarily made from Superior Stainless Steel and measures 18mm in diameter and 40mm in height, with 1.8ml maximum juice capacity, very sleek and small in size. Besides, the Vaporesso Drizzle MTL Tank features threaded top fill system, dual slotted top airflow system, 510 Drip Tip and 510 connection. Furthermore, this MTL tank is compatible with Vaporesso Mini EUC Coil Family and works very well with a 1.3ohm EUC Mini CCELL Coil and a 1.4ohm EUC Mini Traditonal Coil.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

Awesome little tank with the ceramic coils. Flavor is on point, same ceramic coil for one week now and still good flavor. Perfect for those who are looking for a great MTL experience. Full of flavor and a good amount of vapor.

Vaporesso Drizzle MTL Tank’s Pros & Cons 


  • No leaks at all
  • Easy to replace coils
  • Nice warm vapor
  • Easy-to-adjust airflow controller
  • Top fill to tank
  • Full of flavor
  • A good amount of vapor production
  • Great throat hit
  • No spitting or hot-popping


  • Very small threads on tank cap, hard to tell if cap is getting threaded on properly.
  • Only available in Black or Silver

Best MTL Tanks – 7. Innokin Prism T-20S

The Innokin Prism T20-S is one of the best MTL tanks to ever hit the market from Innokin.

The Innokin Prism T20-S features an updated coil design and more modern looks and focuses on pure flavor and throat hit, which provides vapers with an exceptional vaping experience. As a high-performing, easy-to-use and very affordable tank, the Prism T20-S is a perfect MTL tank for beginner vapers.

Just unscrew the cap and fill from the top, you will be amazed at the flavor you get from this simple tank.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

Innokin Prism T-20S’ Pros & Cons 


  • Wonderful taste and throat hit
  • Very well built and sturdy
  • Very easy to use
  • Compact in size and good portability
  • Great manufacturing quality
  • Good price
  • Choices of colors


  • Lack of airflow adjustment

Best MTL Tanks – 8. Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank

The Vapefly Nicolas is 22mm MTL sub-ohm tank perfect for flavor chasers.

It comes with an e-juice capacity of 3 ml, one 0.6 ohm coil and one 1.8 ohm coil for MTL vaping. For ease of use, this vape tank features a top-filling design, bottom coil placement and easy replacement BVC coil with the plug-pull mechanism.

Thanks for its adjustable airflow control valve which has 9 different airflow settings for precise adjustment, you can adjust the airflow according to your own preferences.

Best MTL Tanks
Best MTL Tanks

If you’re looking for a mouth-to-lung tank, I think Nicolas is a good choice.

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank’s Pros & Cons


  • Many different airflow options
  • Great flavor production
  • Long-lasting coils
  • No leaking issues
  • No dry hits
  • Affordable price
  • 3 ml capacity


  • It is difficult to take it apart and refill it.


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of best MTL Tanks (Mouth-to-Lung Tanks) 2020. We would be very happy if they can help you find the vape tank that works best for you.

However, we have to admit that this list is far from perfect because there are tons of MTL tanks on the market now and our team members cannot try them all. So if you have used better ones or we’ve missed out your favorites, please don’t hesitate to comment below to let us know and we will be very happy to hear from you. Thank you!



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