Best Pod Mod for Vaping in 2020 | Top 6 Pod Mods Released So Far

Best Pod Mod for Vaping
Best Pod Mod for Vaping

Best Pod Mod for Vaping in 2020

Pod mod is becoming increasingly popular amongst vapers across the world because it is  easy-to-use, portable, and compact, not only perfect devices for beginners but also ideal for experienced vapers.

Best Pod Mod for Vaping
Best Pod Mod for Vaping

With a large number of vape manufactuers starting producing this kind of vape device, tons of excellent pod mods can be found on the market today.  But it is not always easy for many vapers, especially those who are new to vaping, to find a quality pod mod to satisfy their needs. To make their life easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best pod mods to give them some recommendations for consideration.

Before diving into our list, we would like to remind you that all the pod mods listed here have already been carefully examined and tested by the trained and experienced vapers from Heaven Gifts, to make sure they are excellent pod mods in terms of build quality, juice capacity, flavor, vapor production and battery life.

As a leading vape device supplier around the world, Heaven Gfits team have been striving to bring the best service to their clinents and hope they can know the latest and best vape products today and that’s why we often post articles about best and latest vape devices here.

Without further ado, here comes our list of the best pod mod for vaping in 2020.

Best Pod Mod for Vaping – 1. SMOK NORD 15W

The SMOK NORD takes the top spot on this list of the best vape mod for vaping thanks to compact size, large e-juice capacity, good vapor production and decent flavor.

The SMOK NORD measures 94mm by 30mm by 18.8mm, very compact and pocketable. With a 1100mAh rechargeable battery providing power, this ultra-portable system can provide users with a maximum wattage output of 15W and supports direct voltage based output.

Besides, the SMOK NORD 15W is compatible with 0.6ohm Nord Mesh Coils, 1.4ohm Nord Regular Coils and 1.0ohm Nord Ceramic Coils, featuring one-button firing mechanism, LED light battery indicator, cobra plated panels, 3ml juice capacity, air-driven pod system, ergonomically curved mouthpiece, MicroUSB Port charging system, propreitary magnetized connection, tons of safety protections features like 8 seconds cut-off protection, short-circuit protection and low voltage warning.

Best Pod Mod for Vaping
Best Pod Mod for Vaping

This is one of the best pod mods I’ve ever tried. It hits like no other… it’s way better than JUUL in my opinion. Highly recommend!

SMOK NORD 15W’s Pros & Cons 


  • Nice battery size (1100mAh)
  • 3 ml e-juice capacity
  • Feels comfortable in the hand
  • Very portable and convenient
  • Good vapor production
  • Decent flavor
  • Nice restrictive lung draw
  • Long battery life
  • Very easy to maintain and use


  • Difficult to monitor juice levels

Best Pod Mod for Vaping – 2. Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

The Mi-Pod from Smoking Vapor snaps up the 2nd spot in our list of the best pod mod for vaping thanks to its compact size, surprising vapor production and overall good build quality.

Measuring 51mm by 13.5mm by 60mm, the Mi-Pod Ultra-Portable System is very small and portable. Made of plastic and aluminum, this pod mod is super light and comfortable to use. Besides, powered by a 950mAh built-in battery, this all-in-one vape device charges fast and enjoys a long battery life.

In addition, equipped with a 3-color LED light battery indicator, the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod features Plug-and-Play ecosystem, 2ml e-juice capacity, voltage-based output, draw-activated firing mechanism, Mi-Pod refillable & replaceable catridge system, OAS system (oil & air separated), Stealth Mode and tons of safety protection functionalities such as 10 seconds cut-off, over-heat protection, short-circuit protection, low voltage protection and low resistance protection.

Best Pod Mod for Vaping
Best Pod Mod for Vaping

If your are looking for a compact pod mod that would really work well and be easy to use, then this product will not let you down.

Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod’s Pros & Cons 


  • Surprising vapor production
  • Smooth restricted DL draw
  • Small and light in weight
  • Good build quality
  • Charges very fast
  • Long battery life
  • Stealth mode available
  • Simple to use
  • Feels really comfortable in the hand


  • Pod is hard to remove at first
  • Can’t see battery LED when vaping

Best Pod Mod for Vaping – 3. SMOK NOVO 2

The SMOK NOVO 2 is the second pod mod from the well-known vape manufactuer SMOK that deserves a place in our list.

This pod mod measures 88.3mm by 24.5mm by 14.5mm and is primarily made of Zinc & Alloy, so many vapers will love its small size and durability. Powered by an 800mAh rechargeable battery, the SMOK NOVO 2 can provide a wattage output range of 6-25W and a good battery life.

Besides, this pod mod is draw-activated and comes with a 1.0ohm Mesh Pod and a 1.4ohm MTL Pod, featuring LED battery life indicator light, ergonomic mouthpiece, 2ml pod capacity, side fill system, updated airflow pathing, bottom MicroUSB Port and lots of safety protections such as push fit pod connection, 8s overtime protection, short circuit protection and low voltage protection.

Best Pod Mod for Vaping
Best Pod Mod for Vaping

Really love this vape. Works great and vaping is smooth. Don’t have to worry about turning it on and off. Can throw in my bag and go. Easy and convenient.

SMOK NOVO 2 Pod Mod’s Pros & Cons 


  • Good battery life
  • Super portable
  • Draw activated
  • Excellent flavor performance
  • Affordable price
  • Decent clouds production
  • Easy to fill
  • Vaping is smooth
  • No leaks


  • Difficult to see juice levels

Best Pod Mod for Vaping – 4. VOOPOO VINCI 40W

VOOPOO is a top vape manufacturer that aims to develop high-quality vape devices for vapers worldwide. The VOOPOO VINCI 40W from them takes the 4th spot in our list thanks to its great flavor, very good battery life and nice display.

Measuring 104mm by 25.3mm by 25.3mm, the VOOPOO VINCI 40W Pod Mod is primarily made from Aluminium-Alloy & Plastic and feels well made and high quality. Powered by a stunning 1500mAh battery and the GENE AI Chipset from VOOPOO, this pod mod is capable of providing 40W maximum wattage output, 3 power levels (3.2V, 3.5V, 3.8V) and supports Auto Mode, Manual Mode and Puff Curve Mode.

Furthermore, the VOOPOO VINCI 40W is compatible with a 0.3ohm PnP-VM1 Mesh Coil and a 0.8ohm PnP-R1 Dual Coil and features 2-week usage memory log, draw-activated firing mechanism, two adjustment buttons, juice viewing window, 0.96″” TFT color screen, 5.5ml pod capacity, Plug ‘n’ Play coil installation, MicroUSB Port, intelligent coil protection and dry burn protection.

Best Pod Mod for Vaping
Best Pod Mod for Vaping

This Pod Mod is amazing! It produces great vapor and flavor. Really like its sleek look and simple design. Besides, it has a long lasting battery, allowing you to vape all day long.

VOOPOO VINCI 40W’s Pros & Cons 


  • Great flavor from both coils
  • Very good battery life
  • Love its sleek look and simple design
  • Feels well made and high quality
  • Zero leaking
  • Large pod capacity
  • Nice display
  • Very affordable
  • Good vapor production


  • Display a little dim
  • Only 1 Pod with the kit

Best Pod Mod for Vaping – 5. Suorin Edge

Suorin Vape is a progressive vape manufacturer in the industry, providing high-quality pod mods for vapers across the world. Their Suorin Edge earns a spot in our list thanks to its portability, sleek exterior design and good flavour.

This ultra-portable pod device is powered by a 230mAh rechargeable battery and can provide users with a maximum wattage output of 10W, a voltage output range of 3.3-4.2V and supports direct voltage-based output. Besides, this all-in-one vape device features 1.5ml juice capacity, refillable pod, draw-activated firing mechanism, futuristic & sleek design, ergonomic holster clip, LED battery light indicator and Type-C Charging Port for fast charging.

Best Pod Mod for Vaping
Best Pod Mod for Vaping

With good flavor, nice restrictive MTL draw and great pod life, it’s certainly a great pod mod to consider if you’re in the market!

Suorin Edge’s Pros & Cons 


  • Hits great
  • Swapable battery with spare
  • Good pod life
  • Slim and lightweight for easy portability
  • Quick charging time (fully charged in 30 minutes)
  • Beautiful exterior design
  • Great flavor
  • Nice feel in the hand
  • No leaking


  • One small fill hole

Best Pod Mod for Vaping – 6. SUORIN AIR

The SUORIN AIR is still one of the best pod mods out there at the moment although it has been available on the market for some time.

This ultra-portable system measures 88mm by 45mm by 8mm and looks very sleek and stylish. Besides, with a 400mAh rechargeable battery offering power, this sleek pod mod supports direct voltage-based output and provides users with a good battery life. Furthermore, with 2ml juice capacity, the SUORIN AIR is draw-activated and features Plug-and-Play ecosystem, refillable & replaceable cartridge, MicroUSB Charging Port and on/off switch.

Best Pod Mod for Vaping
Best Pod Mod for Vaping

This little guy is awesome! It’s so small and sleek! Works every time. Flavor is outstanding. Battery life is outstanding. 2ml pod lasts a couple days for all day vapers. It even throws a pretty decent little cloud! Charges quickly too! Definitely worth a try!

SUORIN AIR’s Pros & Cons 


  • Gives outstanding flavor
  • Love its sleek stylish design
  • Reasonable battery life for its size
  • Charges quickly
  • Decent vapor production
  • Very durable
  • Very easy to use
  • It hits really nice
  • No spit back


  • Hard to see vape juice levels


Thank you for reading our list of the best pod mods for vaping in 2020 and hope you liked it. If this list can help you choose the right pod mod for you, we would be very happy.

However, with tons of excellent pod mods hitting the market these days, it is impossible for our team members to test them all. Thus, our list may miss some great ones. Therefore, if our list missed your favorite pod mods or you’ve used quality pod mods and would like to share them with us, let us know in the comments below! We’ll add them to this list very soon! Thanks again!



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