Best Rebuildable Atomizer (RDA, RTA, RDTA) 2020 | Top 9 RBAs Right Now

Best Rebuildable Atomizer 2019

Best Rebuildable Atomizer 2020

What is a rebuildable atomizer?

As an important category of vaping atomizer systems, a rebuildable atomizer or an RBA is an advanced vape with a deck for vapers to install coils and wicks. RDAs, RDTAs and RTAs are all types of rebuildable atomizers.

What is an RDA? 

The Anatomy of an RDA
The Anatomy of an RDA

The acronym “RDA” stands for “rebuildable dripping atomizer”, which is a type of rebuildable atomizer for vapers to drip e-liquids onto its exposed coils directly. Typically, an RDA consists of a build deck and build posts at the bottom of the atomizer for vapers to wrap and mount their coils.

What is an RTA? 

The Anatomy of an RTA
The Anatomy of an RTA

The acronym “RTA” stands for “rebuildable tank atomizer“, which is a tank system with a rebuildable coil. Compared with RDAs, RTAs are much more convenient, vapers needn’t add e-liquid continuously to keep the wicks from getting dry. Generally, an RTA consists of a build deck, a chimney which connects the build deck to the top cap, a glass tank and a drip tip.

What is an RDTA? 

The Anatomy of an RDTA
The Anatomy of an RDTA

As a type of RBA that bridges the gap between the RDA and the RTA, the acronym “RDTA” stands for “Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer”. Usually an RDTA includes a deck for vapers to build on and an e-liquid reservoir to hold e-juice, which is often located below the build deck. After building their coils on the deck, vapers need to place their wicks into the wicking ports and the wicks hang down into the tank, absorb the e-juice and feed it to the coil.

After you know the difference between the RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA, you may want to find out which brand of RBA is better performance wise than the others. So we’ve put together this list of the best rebuildable atomizers for vaping in 2020.

Before diving into our list, we would like to remind you all that the RBAs on this page have already been carefully tested by the diligent and experienced staff from Heaven Gifts, the largest vape product supplier across the world, based on their ease of use, vapor and flavor production, build quality, and overall experience, to make sure they are the best rebuildable atomizers on the market right now.

Without further ado, here comes our list of top 9 rebuildable atomizers for vaping.

Best Rebuildable Atomizer – RDA

1. Hellvape Drop Dead RDA

Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

As an epic collaboration between Vapin’ Heathen and The Vapor Chronicles based on the designs of the Dead Rabbit and DROP RDA, the HellVape DROP DEAD RDA is constructed with durable Stainless Steel with high-level design elements and the new iconic logo etched onto the wall sleeve.

Besides, measuring 24mm in diameter, the RDA features a deep e-juice well, four post build deck design, gold-plated positive posts and dual side airflow control, ideal for single or dual coil configurations.

Available in Black, Full Matte Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Purple, Blue Rainbow, Gold and Bloody Mess for you to choose from.

Easy to build on, great flavor, smooth airflow, and clouds for days. Definitely one of the best RDAs I’ve tried!



  • Quality machining
  • Easy to build on
  • Produces nice clouds and flavor
  • Love the drop deck, good build space
  • Great piece
  • Big juice well
  • Smooth airflow
  • Leak-proof


  • The drip tip is a bit short for me


Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

As the follow-up successor to the wildly successful DROP RDA, the Digiflavor DROP SOLO RDA features a smaller 22mm frame with a unique single coil deck with horizontal multi-airslots side airflow control.

In addition, made of superior Stainless Steel, this RDA also features a conical top cap design, a 5mm deep e-juice well, a two-post, singler-terminal-per-post build deck, squonk-ready 510 bottom-feeding pin and gold-plated 510 connection. Available in; Stainless Steel, Black, Gold for you to choose from.

An excellent single coil RDA with outstanding flavor and big clouds. Absolutely love this thing.



  • Good little single coil RDA
  • Very easy to build on
  • Looks great
  • Very well made
  • The flavor is very nice
  • The airflow adjustment is easy to turn.
  • Plenty of space for coil(s)
  • Produce big clouds


  • The only thing I didn’t like is the drip tip that comes with it.

3. Hellvape Rebirth RDA

Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

Another great RDA from Hellvape. This RDA deserves a spot in the list of the best rebuildable atomizers thanks to its great looks and amazing flavor.

As the brainchild of the collaboration between the Hellvape and Mike Vapes, the Hellvape Rebirth RDA measures 24mm in diameter with a 6mm deep juice well. Made of superior Stainless Steel, this exquisite RDA comes with a dual-post build deck, ideal for single or dual coil configuration.

In addition, this impressive RDA features a 16-hole honeycomb style adjustable airflow top cap, locking top cap system, 810 Widebore Resin Drip Tip, gold-plated BF squonk pin and stainless steel 510 connection.

One of the best RDAs for flavor and clouds on the market today. Definitely worth every penny you spend.

Hellvape Rebirth RDA’s Pros & Cons 


  • Great clouds
  • Super easy to build coil and wick
  • Amazing flavor
  • Really good price
  • Smooth quiet airflow
  • Non leaking
  • Holds plenty of liquid
  • Good build quality overall


  • Top cap can get hot when chain vaping

Best Rebuildable Atomizer – RTA

1. Geekvape Zeus RTA 25MM 

Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

The Geekavpe Zeus RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer with a postless build deck and a creative 3D airflow system.

Measuring 25mm in diameter, this RTA comes with a maximum capacity of 4mm accessed via a convenient threaded top-fill method for e-liquid. Besides, this RTA features a leak-proof structure with airflow entering the system via two top airflow slots. Furthermore, equipped with an ergonomic build deck, the RTA is designed to be user-friendly with single-coil configuration for enhanced flavor.

The best single coil RTA I’ve ever tried. Great taste, no leak, easy to build and reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

Geekvape Zeus RTA’s Pros & Cons 


  • Fantastic flavor and vapor
  • No leakage
  • Easy to refill
  • Well machined
  • Sharp looking tank
  • Easy to rebuild
  • Impressive airflow design


  • Thirsty!

2. Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA 

Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

As the brainchild between the collaboration of HellVape and Vapin’ Heathen, the HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA comes with an impressive expandable juice capacity, and a top side adjustable airflow ring.

Made of superior Stainless Steel and measuring 25mm in diameter, this RTA features knurled and threaded top fill system, a raised four-post build deck design, gold-plated positive posts, ideal for either single or dual coil configuration. Available in tons of colors such as; Gunmetal, Purple, Black, Silver, Blue, Gold, Rainbow to satisfy your needs.

A fantastic RTA whether you have it in dual or single coil. Love the top air flow and it’s really easy to build and wick.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA’s Pros & Cons 


  • Easy to build on
  • Fantastic flavor
  • Amazing cloud production
  • Love the top air flow
  • No leaking
  • Very sleek
  • No dry hits at all


  • Drip tips are a little short

3. Augvape Intake RTA

Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

The Augvape Intake RTA earns a spot in this list thanks to its gorgeous design and really good flavor.

As the brainchild of the collaboration between Augvape and Mike Vapes, this sturdy RTA measures 24mm in diameter with a maximum e-juice capacity of 4.2ml. Made of superior stainless steel, the Intake RTA comes with a spacious dual-post build deck (single terminal per post), perfect for single coil configuration.

In addition, this single coil RTA features large triple outlet airflow aimed at coil, dual top adjustable airflow ring, single internal chamber, quarter-turn threaded top fill system,  18mm wide 810 resin drip tip and gold-plated 510 connection.

One of my favorite RTAs. Easy to build, awesome flavor, and zero leaks. Highly recommend!

Augvape Intake RTA’s Pros & Cons 


  • Easy to build and wick
  • Amazing flavor
  • Decent vapor production
  • It doesn’t leak
  • Good build quality
  • Clever airflow design
  • Holds a lot of juice


  • Very restricted draw

Best Rebuildable Atomizer – RDTA

1. Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA

Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

The Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA snaps a place on our list of the best rebuildable atomizer thanks to its innovative design and great flavor.

Measuring 22.2mm in diameter and 28.5mm in height (without drip tip), this unique RDTA is primarily made from stainless steel, with an e-juice capacity of 2ml. The Galaxies MTL RDTA comes with a single coil build deck and features 360° surrounding airflow for top-notch flavor, a spring-loaded top-filling port to prevent leakage, unique anti-heat design, various airflow options, and gold-plated BF pin.

My favorite RDTA to date! I strongly recommend the Galaxies RDTA for fans of rebuilding and MTL vaping.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA’s Pros & Cons 


  • Well designed and manufactured
  • Super easy to build on and wick
  • Very convenient to refill
  • Great flavor
  • Really nice draw for MTL
  • No leaking
  • Quality O-rings


  • The overall aesthetics are just okay


Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

The iJoy COMBO RDTA II is an updated version of the COMBO RDTA platform.

Measuring 25mm in diameter, the COMBO RDTA II features 24K gold-plated base tank section and stainless steel top cap section with a massive 6.5ml juice reservoir. Besides, made of high-quality Stainless Steel, this RDTA also features a 20.5mm build deck, an interchangeable build deck design (12 options), single coil plug, signature side-fill method and knurled top cap.

A better improvement over the first version. Super easy to build on. Cloud monster and the flavor of of it is amazing. Highly recommend it.



  • Love how much juice it holds
  • Nice air flow
  • Cloud monster
  • Super easy to build on
  • Looks great
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • Great flavor


  • No single coil airflow option


Best Rebuildable Atomizer
Best Rebuildable Atomizer

As an effective enhancement to the Medusa platform, the Geekvape Medusa Reborn RDTA comes with a new Quick Access System for convenient refills and upgrades the build deck.

In addition, measuring 25mm in diameter and made of superior Stainless Steel, this RDTA features a 3.5ml tank capacity, a deep e-juice well, elegant engravings, a dynamic side airflow system, a horizontal two-post, dual terminal design, great for either single or dual configurations. Available in; Stainless, Black, Blue, Rainbow for you to choose from.

A great RDTA that comes with a sqounk pin. Really works well and very easy to build on. Would highly recommend.

Geekvape MEDUSA REBORN RDTA’s Pros & Cons 


  • High-capacity juice well
  • Easy-to-use build deck
  • Great flavor
  • Sturdy posts
  • Well made
  • Amazing clouds
  • Wide post holes for larger coils


  • The only thing that I dislike is the 810 drip tip, but it came with 510 adapter anyways.


Thank you for reading our list of best rebuildable atomizer for vaping in 2020 and hope you’ve enjoyed it.

However, since there are tons of RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs available on the market today, our team cannot try them one by one, so it is undoubtedly that this list will miss some great options. Thus, if you’ve used great RDAs, RTAs or RDTAs, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let us know and we’ll update this list very soon. Thanks again!



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