The Best Vaping Christmas Gifts For the Year of 2015


So, it’s that time of year again guys – the holiday season! After a whole year of hard work, we finally get close to the festive celebration of Christmas! Now is the best time to kick off your Christmas purchasing. If you happen to be buying gifts for vapers or smokers in your life, there is no better place than HeavenGifts’ crazy Christmas sales (up to 60% off). Undoubtedly, no other site can offer such exquisite vape gear for such affordable prices. But with so many vaping choices on our site, you may be wondering which one will be the best purchase? Never fear, here we will give you a full guide.

1. For the beginner
So firstly, if you are planning to surprise your loved ones who are just starting vaping or to help the stubborn smoker you know who wants to quit, then we would love to suggest you choose from our simple-to-use starter kits. These basic kits are quite suitable for those who have little or even no vaping experience because of their simplistic operation and maintenance.

We have a large selection of starter kits available for this purpose but we recommend the newly released Aura Mini kit by VapeOnly, which is comprised of a 2ml tank and a 1450mAh high-quality lithium battery, featuring anti-leakage, top filling and splash proof as well as coming with a sub-ohm choice, totally satisfying a beginner’s daily vaping needs in all round. Apart from this mini kit, the following starter kits are also awesome choices:

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2. For the intermediate
If you are looking to impress a friend who has been vaping for quite a while and has good knowledge of vaping devices, you will need to make the extra effort to figure out his/her preference before you purchase. For people who have already tried one or more e-cigs and might have their own vaping styles you may need to search a bit more. Aiming at various demands from vapor production, flavor to the appearance of vape device, you can definitely have a clear direction for an awesome gift.

Here we have to mention one extremely outstanding MOD kit –50W Innokin Disrupter InnoCell VV/VW kit. It first utilizes the revolutionary InnoCell removable LiPo battery technology, which means you can remove the battery from the mod itself and quickly swap a new InnoCell battery in through its slide & click system when you run out of battery. It’s quite simple to use and convenient for your on-the-go vaping. It can fire the atomizer down to 0.2ohm, giving you wonderful sub-ohm vaping experience. Moreover, with various color batteries available for replacement, you will surely stand out from other vapers.

Some other recommended devices as follows:

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3. For the advanced
If you know someone who has been vaping for years and knows a lot about vape devices’ functions, Ohms Law, and vaping safety, then some RTAs or RDAs, higher power devices will be highly recommended by us, for they will bring strong hits and huge vapor clouds.

One of them we’re gonna suggest is Sense Cyclone Sub-ohm Liquid Control Tank Kit. It comes with all the features that you could ever want from a sub ohm atomizer, for example, 5ml huge capacity, liquid control system, TC rebuidable atomizer head, top-filling system, etc, which make the Cyclone a versatile tank in the vaping world. What’s more, the Cyclone performs great when vaping is at a high wattage of 150w, you can feel the vapor clouds which is super cool.

Below vape devices are also good choices of gifting the advanced vapers with:

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4. For the Pro
Well, finally we get to the highest level in the vaping world. As pros, they fully understand the workings of all vapor devices and can even make constructive suggestions on vaping technologies. They love to make their own setups, trying different possibilities. They might have a large collection of vape gears from different stages. In this case, a latest launched unique device or a full-featured DIY tool kit would be an impressive Christmas present. Here are some amazing vape gears we consider the pros would like to add into their vape collections.

Note: All the above products can be ordered with an extra 8% off coupon code besides the Christmas sales discount

Hopefully this article will help you make a best “Christmas gifts for vapers” list. And once again, don’t forget that our Christmas sales started this week, with a huge discount up to 60%, plus an extra 8% off coupon code “AHGEVAPE”, thus 68% off in total, so hurry up & grab this great chance to get awesome vaping Christmas gifts at best prices.



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