BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA Review

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

Recently I wrote a piece on a “first impressions” of the BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA that you can see here. Since this article I managed to get my hands on this new RDA and I have put together my thoughts in a review.

Initial Thoughts 

When I first took the box for the Boomstick Reaper out of the packaging, I thought to myself “wow that is a small box” and in that small box was a very small RDA! I was quite surprised at how tiny 18mm looks these days but having looked at the deck and build quality I was pleasantly surprised.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

Taking it out of the packaging I was reassured of its quality by the weight and sturdy feel of this tiny RDA. Coupled with the smooth threads and sturdy o-rings, I like what I see!

Build Deck

The build deck is a very unique design, almost postless but not quite. The two posts are recessed into the deck and feature a plate and screw that clamp down on the wire. The instructions feature different ways to coil and wick the deck for different airflow combinations. This is a great feature as it allows you to customise how you vape!

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA


The airflow on this RDA is quite unique in the sense that you can have 3 different types. Diagonal, direct single coil and direct dual coil. All of these configs are designed for MTL and therefore a tight draw. The airflow is smooth in all 3 configurations but due to the small airholes and tiny RDA, they are all very restrictive.

Personally they do not suit my style of vaping as they are a little too restrictive, but if that is your style then you will enjoy the options and silent , smooth airflow.


This is where the BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA really shines, with different coil fitment options, different airflow configurations, squonk pin included and 510 drip tip. If you are an MTL vaper you can really tune this to your liking. All of my 510 drip tips fit perfectly with enough resistance to keep them sturdy, without being impossible to remove.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

The inclusion of the squonk pin allows you to fit this to your squonk mods with ease, and the flow of juice is fast and consistent.

Included you also get a 22mm beauty ring to make this more aesthetically pleasing on your larger tube mods, and this also acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat as this tiny chamber could get hot!


The BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA, is price in the mid market. It is not a cheap RDA but it is also not a bespoke , pricey one. This sits in the hobbyist vaper market and retails for around the $45 mark (£34 roughly). This RDA is not flooding the shelves, so if you are looking to purchase one, you can do so here.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper Video Review 

Final Thoughts 


This RDA is incredibly well build with just the right amount of restriction on the O-rings. It features lots of customisation and delivers a rich flavourful vape when built correctly. The deck set up allows for simple clamping of coils and can take thick or thin wire builds to accommodate all different styles of vaping.


These are subjective, but to me the airflow is a little too restrictive for my taste. This is marketed as a true MTL RDA, and that it is! For me I need a little more airflow to enjoy my vape.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

At 18mm this can look a bit out of place on larger mods, however as it is MTL, you tend to build slightly higher resistance and don’t need huge power. Find the right mod and it looks great, but on some larger mods it can look a little out of place.

Mike Strong

Mike Strong

I have been vaping for over 5 years and have been a keen hobbyist ever since starting. I moved into the review side of things after the success of my @mikethevaper Twitter page and have been striving to provide help and knowledge ever since.