Do You Know Where You Can Use E-cigarettes at Airports?


As a e smoker, if you are going to travel or on business trip, you may wonder that can you use e-cigarettes in airports?

Here are a checklist for you:

1. E cigarette regulations are varied in different countries, so you should check the local law before traveling.

2. It’s better to turn off your battery when putting on your pocket or luggage and bring enough e liquid with you. Even in countries that allows e cigarettes, there may be difficult to find stores related to e cigarette. So it’s a wise idea to store enough.

3. Check with airport staff about smoking rules. Nowadays many airports allow e smokers to use e cigarette indoor. But some have restrictions on e smoking and prepare for smoking area .

4. If you are on the plane and carrying on your e cigarette, you will know that vaping is banned by most airlines during flight. The TSA allows electronic cigarette to be carried on or in bags and if you bring e liquid with you, please ensure that all bottles are under the 3.4oz/100mL.

The below is some information about where you can and can not vape:

In Egypt, e-cigarettes are banned, but vaping is allowed. In Zimbabwe e cigarette is legal. E cigarette is not banned but liquid contains nicotine is not legal. But you can discover sales of e liquid with nicotine in South Africa.
The situation in other Africa countries is unclear.

Canada is supporting e cigarette but does not ban personal use.
In USA, e cigarette is legal, but the vaping regulations are quit different in states. Check the details before you use e cigarette.
Central America
E smoking is legal in Costa Rica, Guatamela, El Salvador and Ecuador. The banning countries are Argentina, Brazil and Suriname. Other countries are not clear.
Europe and Russia
The lega e cigarette countries are Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Iceland Hungary and more. Some countries ban liquid with nicotine, but allow the sales of e cigarettes.
It is legal in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan,Vietnam and Tajikistan. Most of other countries ban the e cigarettes.


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