Enjoy the Ceramic Coils With Target 2, Forget About Wicking!


Heaven Gifts is proud to introduce a revolutionary new e-cig kit – the 75W Target 2 VTC mod with Ceramic coils from Vaporesso. If you are tired of seeing a batch of similar box-like e-cigs, then this Target 2 will make you feel like trying something new.

Vaporesso TARGET 2 kitFrom its appearance, the Vaporesso Target 2 mod is pretty cool. It has a unique pistol grip design, which perfectly fits in your hand. It is available in black, golden, purple, pink and silver, basically covering both male and female vapers’ color preference. Featuring a big trigger-style fire button, a display screen, two small setting buttons and a micro-USB port located at one side of the mod in a row, the Target 2 is user-friendly whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. It’s no doubt that this new mod will bring a breath of fresh air to the current electronic cigarette market.

The mod
Vaporesso Target 2 has almost covered all the main functions you might expect from a great vaping device. It supports both variable wattage and temperature control and it is able to power resistances as low as 0.2ohm. Under TC mode, it is capable of firing straight up to 75w, which is perfect for sub-ohm vaping. The Target 2 runs on a single 18650 battery that lasts all day long and can be recharged via the built-in micro-USB port.
About the tank
This Target 2 kit also includes a 3.5ml atomizer tank which comes with a wickless pre-installed cCELL coil inside. No more organic cotton, vapers! The heating coil and ceramic cover are built together to form a coil unit, which ensures no spitting and even better transmission of heat to your e-liquid as well as a longer life cycle. The cCELL coils can be dry burned so that you will get a clean, pure and consistent flavor from your e-liquid.  And this tank also has an adjustable airflow slot which is easy to control so you can regulate your vapor production. Would you like to see how this new tank works? Then you have to watch this video!

As you might have guessed already, the only downside is that this tank coil is non-rebuildable. Nonetheless, the Target 2 performs so flawlessly that if you are not really into building your own coils, then we strongly recommend you this new product as cCELL coils last longer than regular pre made cotton coils and you will enjoy a better flavor with no dry hits. Ceramic coil replacements will be also available in 5 pieces packages.

The Vaporesso Target 2 VTC kit will hit the store shelf very soon (probably within two weeks) at Heaven Gifts. So please pay close attention to our arrival notices about this new vape product. It’s definitely gonna be a game changer. BTW, when it’s available for pre-order, don’t forget to use our 8% off coupon code: AHGEVAPE to save you some pennies!



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