Tips on the Ways to Choose Your Right E-liquids


With electronic cigarette’s increasing popularity, we are all becoming more and more aware of the health stigma around them. Before stepping into the vaping world, almost everyone will ask the question: “Is it safe and healthy to use an e-cigarette?” With a vast array of evidence stating that vaping is much better for you than smoking what is the other component that can affect your vaping experience? Yes, it is e-liquid. As the soul of e-cigs, the quality of e-liquids will significantly impact how you vape. So, how can we choose the right e-liquid

CiVAP E-juice
How is the quality of E-liquid measured?
There are two aspects that contribute to the overall quality of an e-liquid:
1. The solvent used should be food or of a pharmaceutical grade, and come with an inspection report.
2. High-class e-liquid is only made of basic ingredients such as water, PG (VG), nicotine and a flavoring, nothing else!
How to distinguish good E-liquid from bad?
If you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine, you may know there are four ways to distinguish quality: observation, listening, interrogation, and pulse-taking. Similarly, we also have three ways of judging the e-liquid quality.
1. Observe. When you get a new e-liquid, please take a close look at its external properties. Good e-liquids are clear and transparent with various colors included such as colorless, pale yellow, golden yellow, green, and orange.
2. Smell. Flavor characteristics are an important factor for vapers when choosing e-cigs. Carefully smell the aroma of your e-liquid. Good flavor e-liquids are fragrant, exquisite, mild and elegant.
3. The vapor. It is the most important step. You have to take several puffs, gain a firsthand experience. Good e-liquids give you a clean taste, no harsh feeling or choking.
How to Choose the Nicotine Strength?
Light smokers or casual smokers who smoke only a few cigarettes can easily switch to low nicotine levels, but heavy smokers who have a ‘two packs a day’ habit will crave for more nicotine. If you start as a new e-smoker, you will find that the taste of an electronic cigarette is not comparable to a traditional cigarette. So if you want to lower your nicotine level, you should start from normal strength and then go down step by step.
Only Choose from a Reliable E-liquid Producer
Believe it or not, in order to provide safe e-liquid, the reliable manufacturers will strictly control their process flow in dust-free workshops. Many tests would be done to ensure high quality before the liquid is packaged. We should really appreciate their conscientiousness and also carry through this professional practice. So what e-liquid suppliers should I trust? If you are a newbie here, Heaven Gifts might be a little strange to you. But please don’t worry, after learning from our loyal customers and trying for yourself, you will definitely love HG e-liquid. HG always provides innovative vaporizing devices as well as producing good quality e-liquid.

In general, choosing the right e-liquid is crucial for every new vaper. Just remember there are plenty of reputable suppliers, do not scrimp on testing various e-liquid flavors. Once you find the right e-liquids, a fantastic vaping experience is already on its way!



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