How to Choose Right Juice That Suits Your Taste


When facing with thousands of options of e-juices, the most seasoned professionals even find it hard to make a choice. If you are new to the world of vaping, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the wide variety of e-juices. Which option is right for you and how to choose an e-juice that suits your taste? Today I will break it down, step by step, so you can find the right juice to maximize your enjoyment. Let’s begin, shall we?

First of all, choose your genre.

picture2As I have mentioned above, there is a huge selection of e-juice available nowadays. However, e-juices can be roughly divided into six main genres, namely, dessert, cereal, fruity, menthol, custard and tobacco. So before choosing an e-juice that suits your personal taste, the first thing you need to know is which main genre you prefer based on your personal preference and taste.

Next, choose your sub-genre.

Once you have chosen your main genre, the next step you should do is to narrow it down and choose some sub-genres. For Example, if you prefer desserts, you will want to choose a few dessert-type flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cream and blueberry which fall into that main genre. In many online stores, vendors usually have these main genres already set up on their websites, which makes it easier for you to find your favorite sub-genres.

Then, choose your e-juice blend.

After choosing your sub-genre, it’s time to decide your e-juice blend. E-juice mainly consists of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) with nicotine and added flavoring. PG carries the flavor of the juice more strongly and provides the user with a stronger throat hit when vaping. VG produces little to no throat hit, but it can produce massive amounts of clouds. So if you prefer stronger flavor and throat hit, then higher-PG e-juice will probably suit you well, but if you prefer more vapor and less throat hit, then higher-VG e-juice will offer you a more satisfying experience.

In addition, choose your nicotine level.

In regards to nicotine, you can often determine how much you need. E-juices usually come in a range of nicotine strengths, all the way from 24mg right down to zero. As a rough rule of thumb, heavy smokers often need 18mg to 24mg to satisfy their needs. Moderate smokers would start on 12mg to 18mg while light smokers usually prefer 3mg to 6mg. You can lower your nicotine level over time.

Finally, choose only reputable e-juice brands.

picture1With any popular product on the market, there are top brands and budget brands. E-juice is not an exception. Though money is always a consideration, you should make sure your e-juice is safe, which should be produced in a clean, sterile environment. In most cases, top e-juice brands are produced by reputable suppliers with clean facilities, laboratory procedures and good manufacturing practices. Would you prefer to have your e-juice produced in a lab by a well-trained chemist or by an unqualified person in his dirty basement? So always be sure to go with a brand with a high reputation when choosing your e-juice.



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