A Comparison Between Joyetech eVic VT and eVic VTC Mini


With the recent release of the new eVic VTC Mini we thought it would be a great idea to compare it with it’s not so old, ‘older brother’ the eVic VT. Both are made by Joyetech and feature temperature control (TC).

eVic VT, eVic VTC Mini, Joyetech, Heaven Gifts

                              So what’s new?

Well my friends, there are number of finer differences which make the eVic VTC Mini more compact, appealing and user friendly. Firstly the obvious, the size. It is what it says on the tin, ‘mini’, it is smaller width wise than the eVic VT. There isn’t any difference in height, but this one sure makes less of a bump in the pocket and provides a much comfier grip.

Another is the finished look of the mods. The eVic VT was admired when released, based on the American muscle car; Mustang. It looks great with the contrasting colours and the racing stripe which is even raised slightly to resemble the bonnet, Joyetech really thought about this one! However, this was a fingerprint magnet – especially with all that e-juice that goes around. So the finish on the new eVic VTC Mini is matte. It’s sleek, smooth and sexy. Even with a simplistic design, they have made the Ego mega tanks look so good with the mod, us here at Heaven Gifts think it looks great. They have also made it in black, white and a new cyan colour which is bright and eye-catching!

Another slight difference is the screen, believe it or not although the mods are different sizes, the screens are pretty much the same size which is great for the eVic VTC Mini. The large OLED screen is crisp and clear, just what you need for those nights out!

There’s more!

If all that wasn’t enough, Joyetech have also made it possible to charge the device both by USB, (at the front this time not on the side like the eVic VT) and by charging the battery by itself, giving great freedom for such a little mod. However, this is one contest the eVic VT does win – the battery power. You have to charge by USB, but you will be vaping much longer in one go with the eVic VT than the eVic VTC Mini that’s for sure. Although there are always pro’s and con’s to any device!

Joyetech have also replaced the slightly controversial flipper mechanism on the top of the eVic VT with two buttons on the front of the eVic VTC Mini to choose wattage, power and even the NEW bypass mode (direct output mode of voltage), continuing the quality finish Joyetech have achieved with both products. The last difference we would like to highlight is the all-important price tag.

Vape, eVic VT, Joyetech, Heaven Gifts, Vaping, Vape Product, eVic VTC Mini

Vape, eVic VTC Mini, Joyetech, Heaven Gifts, Vape Product, Vape Mod, Vaping

With the Heaven Gifts PROMO codes the eVic VTC Mini is only $2.5 more than the eVic VT, so which team are you on?

Overall Joyetech have done a great job continuing the flow of quality and innovation into their new eVic VTC Mini product. It is great for all users, from newbies to experienced vapers who just want something convenient to pop in their pocket for any occasion. With a great look it is sure to grab attention for all the right reasons. To finish you off there are just some facts on both devices below. Hope you enjoyed reading the Heaven Gifts comparison review. If you want a closer look at either device just check them out at Heaven Gifts.

Vape, eVic VT, eVic VTC Mini, Joyetech, Heaven Gifts, Vape Products, Vape Mods, Vaping



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