Wismec RX300, Smok GX350, iJoy EXO 360,Vapeonly Hack Comparison


As the New Year is coming near, looking back into the year of 2016, it is a year that many innovative e-cigarette gear were emerged, that many new technologies were introduced. We witness a great evolution of RDTA. More and more vape starters are into coil and wire building and complex equations involving ohms and voltage. It is becoming a sub-culture that could bring people fun and joyful experience.

Well, speaking of a fun and joyful RDTA vaping experience, you cannot set coils apart. Clapton, Fused Clapton, Staple Staggered Fused Clapton, Juggernaut, Caterpillar coils, etc, facing such a kaleidoscope of coils, how can you give them a full play? An ‘almighty’ Mod speaks!!

Here we give you a comparison between 4 latest ‘almighty’ mods (namely Wismec RX300, Smok GX350iJoy EXO 360 and Vapeonly Hack) to help you make a right choice!


  1. Aesthetics

All of these 4 mods feature 4 batteries. You may concern about the size. Is it too big to carry? Let’s have a look. The size of Wismec RX300 is 42mmx58mmx81.7mm, Smok GX350’s is 58×40.4×84.5mm, iJoy EXO 360’s is 58x40x84mm, Vapeonly Hack’s is 59mmx41.5mmx91.5mm. No doubt that EXO 360 is the smallest one among them though each of them only has a slight difference in size. For a quad-batteries mod, we cannot overlook its grip feeling. It is not hard to tell RX300 and Hack come in a square sharp which looks a little bit unhandy. While the GX350 and EXO 360 adopt a Reuleaux style design which could be smoothly turned even it is fully gripped in your palm.

  1. Technologies

It does not make any sense if an ‘almighty’ mod does not feature any advanced technology. What do the 4 mods get? Let’s dive down a little bit to find out. Wismec Reuleaux was first known for the special DNA chip and 3-cell feature. RX300 is born with such high tech family symbol! A 1.5 amp charging rate tech is first introduced on a mod which enables a fast while balance charge. Both Smok GX350 and iJoy EXO 360 feature an over 300w hyper power, while both of them can be also powered by 2 batteries, which helps on the weight reduction when you don’t need such a hyper power. However, a 2 batteries option still can reach 220w. Besides, Wismec RX300 and iJoy EXO 360 provide a 510 adapter, plug it, the mod could be a portable power bank. Vapeonly Hack has a relatively better interface. The whole operation of it is much easier than other 3 mods. All of these 4 mods have the basic TC functions (Ti/Ni/SS,TCR).

All in all, each of them has its own charming parts. We hope the info we provide is useful for you. Anyway, welcome to tap into the advanced vaping filed!



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