Concerned About Using Ceramic Coils to Vape? Read This!


Since CCELL coils (ceramic coils) by Vaporesso were released, we’ve received a great response! CCELL coils had many positive reviews and those that have used them were really impressed with the flavor they produce as well as their long-lasting life. But some rumors on the internet raised concern about using CCELL coils within the vaping community: are ceramic coils safe for vaping? In this article we try to answer this question by asking the manufacture for some evidence.

Are ceramic coils safe to be vaped?

A popular Youtube reviewer (GrimmGreen), recently uploaded a video arguing the safety of CCELL coils based on an email he got from a vendor; “He emailed me and he is like: Hey, I saw you have that Target from Vaporesso. Stop vaping it right now! We are skeptical of the ceramic coils used in them. We sent them off to get tested and the result came back with some scarely toxic shit in them”.  (Watch the video from 1:01:20)

As with anything new, there are certainly going to be rumors that lead to health concerns and ceramic coils are no exception. This is why at we wanted to know what the manufacture has to say about these rumors being spread on the internet. According to Vaporesso, “this revolutionary technique has been repeatedly studied and tested by our technicians in the past two years, and it is deemed safe by third-party authoritative agencies including the test report of MSDS and ROHS.”

Toxicological test

Vaporesso has even provided links to these test reports on their website that includes a toxicological examination:

Vaporesso belongs to Smoore, a company with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and researching electronic cigarettes.

Smoore also explains that they are “consistently devoted to the innovation of vaporizers and are actively involved in the healthy growth of the electronic cigarette industry.” They conclude with this statement: “We maintain strict and hygienic manufacturing process that conforms with medical standard, striving to serve our clients with innovative electronic cigarettes featuring convenience and safety.”



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