Why Do I Cough When I Am Vaping?


When you switch to electronic cigarette from traditional tobacco smokers, your vaping experience may suddenly be interrupted by terrible cough and throat sore. You may wonder: “Is it a vaper’s cough or a smoker’s cough? ”

These frustrating symptoms can occur among new e-cigarette users. Below are some reasons and solutions to help you to discover why you are coughing and how to prevent it. But do not forget that your cough might be due to another issue. So it is always better visiting a doctor.

Strong throat hit
E liquid contains PG, VG or mixture of them. PG can bring strong throat hit, but sometimes it may cause your throat dry and scratchy. Some vapers are allergic to PG.cough-when-vaping
Reduce PG in e liquid.
If you allergic to PG, you can choose VG instead.
Nicotine strength
Too much nicotine inhalation may cause you cough and sore throat along with the feeling of lightheaded or sick. E liquid contains different nicotine levels from high to low level.
Drop your nicotine strength.

Vaping style
Puffing an electronic cigarette is totally different from smoking traditional cigarette. If you take a deep and full draw as using a regular cigarette, you will suffer from the feeling of burning from throat and lung.
Regulate the voltage of your MOD to achieve a smooth vaping experience.

Vaping frequency
Although some e-cigarettes look similar to regular cigarettes, you don’t have to vape as frequently as smoking.
Find the suitable frequency to satisfy your nicotine crave. Only you can have control over this.
Water vapor exhalation means that moisture will be drained out from your body, which cause your mouth and throat dry.
Have a drink before using electronic cigarette.

If you are a new vaper who is suffering from cough and sore throat, please don’t give up and go back to tobacco smoking. In heavengifts there are solutions to all e-cigarette problems.



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