Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod Review

Desire Cut Sqounk 108W TC Box Mod

Desire Cut Squonk Introduction 

The Desire CUT Squonk Mod, made by Desire Design, is a uniquely shaped regulated squonk mod, powered by a single 21700 or an 18650 battery. Although not mentioned by the manufacturer, a 20700 battery can also be used.

It is available in various colour options:

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

Desire Cut Squonk Specifications

  • Compatible with single 21700/18650 battery
  • Power range: 5-108Wmax
  • Output current: 35Amax
  • Output voltage: 0.5-8Vmax
  • Resistance range: 0.08Ω-3.0Ω
  • Temperature limit: 200-600℉
  • Screen: 0.96-inch
  • Thread: 510
  • State-display LED
  • 7ml-liquid capacity silicone squonk bottle

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

Desire Cut Squonk Packaging List 


  • the Desire CUT squonk mod
  • a micro-USB flat cable
  • an 18650-battery adaptor
  • a manual
  • a six-month warranty card

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

Desire Cut Squonk Design Features

The first thing noticed is the original ergonomic design of its shape with its five long sides with rounded edges. This shape design forms distinctively rounded pentagonal-shaped top and bottom bases for the mod. These contribute to the impression that a normal cuboid-block mod has been slant-cut on its one long side, forming an additional narrower long side (where the buttons are sited), probably giving the name “CUT” to the mod. It might be a “peculiar” shape for some, who are used to the visual “normality” of shapes and don’t appreciate shapes’ diversification for increased ergonomic usability. But, it is obvious that the CUT squonk mod covers less volume inside your palm than a usual cuboid mod of these dimensions.

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

You need to try holding it in different ways in your palm to find your personal preference of using it comfortably, either as a left-handed or a right-handed user.

Check the following photos of holding it either in the right palm (thumb-firing it) or in the left palm (trigger-firing it):

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box ModDesire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

Its body is made of zinc-alloy, thus its weight (without battery inside and with the squonk bottle empty) is substantial: almost 182 gr.

Its colour-paint quality is remarkable. Touching it gives the impression of a high-quality paint finish, also providing a secure hold (not slipping). It’s a finger-tip “magnet”, though.

On its top base there is the encapsulated painted 510-pole connector with a gold-plated, spring-loaded 510-pole pin (for better conductivity). It can take up to 25mm-diameter atomizers with no overhang.

There is a recessed large rectangular squonking “window” with an ergonomically curved cut-out for the easier reach of the squonk bottle by the squeezing finger.

The buttons are all metallic too, with no rattling.

One of its long sides is almost entirely covered by a dark plastic cover for protecting the mod’s screen underneath it (at its upper part), hosting also the micro-usb connector (at its lower part). This dark plastic cover is vulnerable to scratches. It is plastic (not gorilla glass) after all, but it should be coated with a harder film layer.

The CUT squonk mod is equipped with a clear and bright squared 0.96inch B+W OLED screen, with an original, easily-readable display layout. It displays power/temperature, output voltage and amperage (or puffs’ number/time), coil’s resistance, battery’s capacity, operation mode selected and coil’s material selected on TC.

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

Below the screen, there is a LED-lighted Desire Design’s logo. It is referred as “State-Display LED”, because it pulses while charging battery inside, staying constantly on when battery is fully charged. It also pulses during firing the mod, but it can be turned off with 4 consecutive fire-button clicks (for battery saving).

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

The battery’s compartment cover/door is held in place by two pairs of magnets, actually “sucking” the metal door (no door rattle/play). Door is removed with your fingernail inserted in a notch at its one side end. Battery’s positive pole is inserted down, pushing a gold-plated spring-loaded positive terminal.

Next to the battery, the 7ml-liquid capacity silicone squonk bottle is hosted.

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

Its metallic cap and the metallic base of the cap (on which the bottle’s cap is screwed on) carry knurl on their periphery for easier screwing/unscrewing. It must be noted that cap’s metallic base is of the same outer diameter as that of the squonk bottle. This helps, during screwing the cap back over a fully-filed silicone squonk bottle, to avoid squeezing the silicone bottle (thus, no over-spilling the liquid from bottle’s tube).

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

One more thing to note is that the cap at its underside has a protruding collar that fits in to the silicone bottle’s opening and seals it (for avoiding cases of leakage when you’re overdoing it with squeezing the fully-filled bottle). All these show special attention paid on the ergonomic utility.

Squonk bottle’s tube fits tightly enough to the bottle’s metal cap and to the mod’s under-pole metal nozzle (squonking metal tube/pin). The tube’s slight bending (when the bottle is inserted in its place) is due to the back-recessed position of the mod’s squonk nozzle/tube, for taking up 25mm-diameter atomizers under the space-available conditions that the ergonomic shape of the mod has set. There is no leakage issues whatsoever from the bottle’s tube.

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

Both 21700 and 18650 battery types (even a 20700 battery) fit exactly in the battery compartment and there is no cover door rattle. Battery and squonk bottle are easily removed with fingers.

There are no venting holes on the 18650-battery adaptor, so insert battery’s negative pole inside.

Operation Modes and Functionality

With the 21700 battery, Desire Design’s firmware-upgradeable regulating chip provides up to 108Wmax (35Amax) to coils down to 0.08Ω. But, don’t expect a single battery mod to be accurate at higher wattage on such low-Ω coils (specs are usually over-rated).

It is equipped with the usual modes of operation: VW, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS and 2 stored TCR modes. Although it doesn’t provide Bypass mode, it provides a PMG mode (Power Multiple Graph, e.g. power curve adjustment) for manually selecting/adjusting the power delivered per second of the duration of your puff, according to your personal preference.

Also allows “pass-through” operation (vaping while charging battery inside with 1A).

Its menu might be considered outdated. But, its simple front-end functionality (although “hidden” in the buttons combinations) makes it direct to work with, if you know the basics:

  • With 5 fire-button clicks, turn the mod on/off.
  • Holding up/down buttons together locks/unlocks the mod’s buttons (still can fire).
  • Holding fire and down buttons together, resets the puff counter/seconds.
  • With 3 fire-button clicks, you enter to the menu and select with up button. Then, with down button engage adjustment, followed by up button press for actual adjustment. Accept/exit with a fire-button click.
  • With 4 fire-button clicks turn logo LED on/off.
  • TCR mode is a bit complicated to use: turn the mod off, hold fire and up buttons to activate TCR settings. When mod is on, hold fire and up buttons together to lock the resistance.

It’s a fast-firing mod, so be quick with the consecutive fire-button clicks, otherwise the mod fires up your atomizer on board.

The up/down buttons are not protruding enough (need a deep press).

No misfires noticed. There is no firmware update yet.


Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod


The CUT squonk mod is most suited for single-coil bf RDAs, more than adequately powering their usually not so low-Ω coils with the 21700 battery, providing longer battery usage.

Its chip is noticeably fast-firing (very small ramp-up time) and able.

Its metal body helps atomizers with low-Ω coils to pass their heat to the mod, even when chain vaping. No over-heating of the mod at all. No over-heating of atomizers, too.

It’s an original ergonomic design of excellent build-quality, practical size, original screen display layout, fast and able chip’s performance, adequate safety features, squonk bottle with flawless use and fits in all battery types (21700/29700/18650).



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