What Are the Differences Between RBA, RDA and RTA?


If you are new to the vaping world, one of the most frequent questions you might ask is “what are RBA, RDA and RTA and what are the differences among them.” Indeed, it is really difficult to figure out these concepts. Today’s article will focus on the differences among them and hope it can help you have a better understanding of them.

First of all, what are they and what are the benefits of using them?

Actually, RBA, RDA and RTA are all atomizers. The acronym RBA stands for rebuildable atomizer, while RDA and RTA stand for rebuildable dripping atomizer and rebuildable tank atomizer respectively. RBA is a general name, which includes RDA and RTA.

RDA is one of the most basic types of vaping device. It has no tank so you have to physically drip your e-juice onto the device’s wick. There is a small juice reservoir inside the RDA that can hold several drips of juice, but after getting around ten good puffs, you have to re-drip more e-juice onto the cotton.

RTA is an atomizer that is attached to a tank reservoir that contains the e-juice. After filling the tank, you even can vape all day long. There is no need for re-dripping too often like the RDAs.

The main benefit of using RBAs like RDAs and RTAs is that you can build your own coils, through which you can choose the resistance according to your will.

Why would I need a RDA?

RDA1An advantage of using a RDA is that you can change your e-juice more frequently. RDAs are perfect for the times when you are hanging around and relaxing, with the ability to easily remove the top cap from the atomizer and drip new juice on the cotton. Moreover, RDAs are capable of producing large clouds of vapor and are by far the most popular systems among cloud chasers. If you want to blow huge clouds, you may want to build on an RDA.

Why would I need a RTA?

01RTAs are perfect when you are out because you don’t have to re-drip your atomizer constantly. Instead, you just fill the tank and start vaping. In most cases, RTAs typically offer lower power levels than the RDAs, which is the reason why the latter is capable of producing larger clouds. However, the RTAs provide vapers a more convenient and vaping experience and is better at preserving flavor than most of the RDAs.

Which would be the perfect device for me?

As for which one is better, that all depends upon your preferences and needs. If you just want to vape without re-dripping too constantly, then you’d better choose the RTA. But if you are a cloud chaser or you want to have a taste of different juice flavors, then you will probably appreciate the experience the RDA can offer.



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