Donald Trump the President Candidate Was Caught Vaping!


Donald Trump caught vaping!Believe it or not, the President Candiate of the United States elections, Donald Trump, was caught vaping during his Washington trip. 

Donald has never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or taken drugs. However, he seems to enjoy vaping. “I love vaping 0 mg Unicorn milk e-juice” he confessed after his meeting with the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

The candidate whipped out his vape gear; an Aspire K4 vape pen with a Cleito Subohm tank, during a short interlude during the meeting. Trump was snapped outside having a cheeky vape. “Obama can’t blow big clouds like me”, he said to the journalist that caught him on camera.

Donald Trump caught vaping!

Trump is just another public figure to add to the many others who have chosen to start vaping.

The actor Leornardo Di Caprio proudly vaped during an award ceremony before the Oscars and the Congressman Duncan Hunter proudly declared to the masses “yes, I vape” during a congressional hearing back in December 2015.

Ok guys we have a confession…..APRIL FOOLS!! We are only joking – we didn’t get a picture of Trump vaping outside during a meeting break. Sorry to disappoint Trump fans but we got you!

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