E-Cigarette: a Technology That May Change the World Completely


Authoritative analysts have listed 10 technologies may change the world completely in a research report which covers energy, entertainment, IT, manufacture, and logistics areas. Among them, electronic cigarette stands second for featuring a low toxic level, a large applied range (people can use e-cig where tobacco cigarette is prohibited), and a broad market prospect. Over next few years, the compound average growth rate of e-cigarette market could be close to 50%.

Another report said, Italian state tax revenue amount of the first two months of 2013 has reduced to 1.607 billion euros (about 2.089 billion dollars), 40% of the reduce portions are caused by tobacco cigarette smokers switch to e-cig. Italian Treasury said, with the high tax rate and expensive price of tobacco cigarette, smokers who want to lessen cigarette spending and keep well health condition are switching to use electronic cigarette. This is part of the reasons leads to tobacco tax reduction. What’s more, the amount of e-cigarette users is increasing over time.

According to the statics of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the consumption amount of US tobacco products is decreasing by 27%, meanwhile, the sale volume of electronic cigarette is increasing dramatically. In the past two years, its sale volume has risen to 30 million dollars. In the next 3 years, the sale volume of it could be an annual growth rate of 100%. It can be evenly matched with traditional tobacco cigarette industry.

Judge from there statics, e-cigarette owns a great market prospect as following facts shows:

First, the idea electronic cigarette advocates is environment protection, fashion, health, green. This is also fits for people’s future needs. And this idea means this emerging industry features forward looking and revolutionary. It not only brings a big hit to traditional tobacco industry, but also change the consumption views of common people, make the idea “green, environment protection ” into our daily lives.

Second, common people have already well known the harm of tobacco. And many governments issued relevant bills or rules to control even prohibit tobacco, such as, PRC has already launched an act named “National No Smoking in the Public Area”. From this prospect, there are much space to develop e-cig market.

Third, this emerging industry placed a high starting point, and owns a solid technical basis, rich experience. In addition, its products are all quality ones. These lay a good foundation of expanding future market.

Thus it can be seen, electronic cigarette will be a new leader of social entertaining habits, not simply as an alternative.



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