Very Useful E-cigarette Advice for Different Weather


If you are e smoker, e-cigarette is as your “lovely baby” and need to be cared carefully. Whether hot or cold weather is not good for the effectiveness and life cycle of electronic cigarette. Because one of initial parts – battery should not be exposed to too hot or too cold weather. Here are some advice to prolong your battery life.

If e-cig batteries are left in extreme hot temperature, they will be:
  • Stop working
  • Bulge or expand
  • Bubble and melt
  • Cause smoke, sparks or flames
  • Even blow up

If batteries are exposed to freezing temperature, things will happen:
Components inside the e cigarette will expand
E cigarette will freeze

If e cigarette are left in wet weather in long period, heavy moisture will cause great damage to batteries and lower vaping capacity.

Why extreme temperatures have great affects on batteries?
Dramatic temperature fluctuations can affect the ability of battery electrons, which post a great threat to your battery life cycle.
What causes explosions of batteries?
When e-cigs are exploded in hot weather, the electrons get excited and battery will get burned in extreme hot temperature and cause explosion.
Things do not do with e cigarettes
1. Do not leave it in cars, because naturally temperatures in car is higher than outside.
2. Do not leave it in snowy day or any other frigid weather.
3. Never vape in shower or other moisture places.

Please keep e cigarette in a normal temperature from 14 to 86 degrees. There are also some other tips for you to keep battery work safely.
1. Choose batteries with instructions
2. Don’t buy extreme cheap battery without brands
3. Choose charger specifically for the battery
4. Charge the battery in a place with smoke alarm and don’t charge overtime.
5. Replaced damaged or over charged batteries with new batteries from the original manufacturers.



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